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English English - Definition of grey 
n. achromatic color between black and white (also gray)
v. make grey; turn grey (mainly referring to hair)
adj. of the color grey; having grey hair; dark or gloomy; dull, uninteresting; indeterminate, unclear (also gray)
Spanish English To Spanish - grey 
s. gris
v. poner gris, agrisar; ponerse gris
adj. gris, agrisado, de color gris, rucio, tordo
French English To French - grey 
n. gris (couleur)
v. devenir gris; grisonner (cheveux)
adj. gris, grisâtre; argenté
German English To German - grey 
n. Grau (Farbe)
v. grau machen; ergrauen (meist Haar)
adj. grau; gräulich; silbern
Italian English To Italian - grey 
s. grigio, colore grigio; cavallo bigio; cavallo bianco; (Tess) l'essere grezzo
v. rendere grigio
agg. grigio; bigio, cupo; brizzolato, dai capelli grigi; monotono, scialbo, incolore; (fig) triste, tetro, malinconico; anziano, maturo; (Tess) grezzo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - grey 
s. cinza (cor) (grey - inglês britânico, gray - inglês americano)
v. tornar cinzento (mais comum na Inglaterra); encanecer (cabelo ou barba) (mais comum na Inglaterra)
adj. cinzento, acinzentado; pardo; grisalho (grey é mais comum na Inglaterra, e gray nos E.U.A)
Russian English To Russian - grey 
с. серый цвет, серый костюм; ум; лошадь серой масти; седина
г. делать серым, делаться серым, седеть
прил. серый, бледный, седой, пасмурный, сумрачный, мрачный, невеселый, невыразительный
Turkish English To Turkish - grey 
f. kırlaşmak, ağarmak, beyazlamak
i. gri, külrengi, kurşuni renk
s. gri, külrengi, kırlaşmış, kır, boz, sıkıntılı, kapalı
English Spanish To English - grey 
n. flock, congregation of religious believers
Albanian English To Albanian - grey 
n. bojë hiri, gri, veshje bojëhiri
v. bëhem gri, ngjyej bojëhiri, përhihet
adj. bojë hiri, gri, hirtë: i hirtë, thinjur: i thinjur, lashtë: i lashtë
Dutch English To Dutch - grey 
zn. grijs (kleur) (veelvoorkomend in Brits schrift)
ww. vergrijzen (veelvoorkomend in Brits schrift); verzilveren (het haar)(veel voorkomend in Brits schrift)
bn. grijs (veelvoorkomend in Brits schrift); verzilverd (veelvoorkomend in Brits schrift)
Greek English To Greek - grey 
επίθ. γκρί, γκρίζος, φαιός, στακτόχρους, σταχτόχρωμος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - grey 
(名) 灰色
(形) 灰色的, 阴沉的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - grey 
(名) 灰色
(形) 灰色的, 陰沈的
Japanese English To Japanese - grey 
(名) 灰色(gray とも綴る)
(動) 灰色にする, 灰色になる; 白髪が増える
(形) 灰色の; 白髪交じりの; 暗い; 鈍い; はっきりしない(gray とも綴る)
Korean English To Korean - grey 
명. 회색, 검정과 흰색의 혼합색
동. 회색으로 하다; 회색으로 변하다
형. 회색의; 회색머리가 있는; 어두침침한; 지루한; 불분명한
German Spanish To German - grey 
n. herde, gemeinde, gruppe, klub
noun: Englishman who as Prime minister implemented social reforms including the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire (1764-1845)
noun: Queen of England for nine days in 1553; she was quickly replaced by Mary Tudor and beheaded for treason (1537-1554)
noun: United States writer of western adventure novels (1875-1939)
noun: gray clothing
noun: any organization or party whose uniforms or badges are gray
noun: a neutral achromatic color midway between white and black


 Synonyms for grey
1. having grey hair: aged, old, decrepit, hoary, grizzly
2. colour: colourless, drab, dusky, ashen, leaden, neutral
Tenses for grey
Present participle: greying
Present: grey (3.person: greys)
Past: greyed
Future: will grey
Present conditional: would grey
Present Perfect: have greyed (3.person: has greyed)
Past Perfect: had greyed
Future Perfect: will have greyed
Past conditional: would have greyed

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