Definition of grey Pronunciation
1. Turn grey.
Her hair began to grey.
2. Make grey.
The painter decided to grey the sky.
3. Queen of England for nine days in 1553; she was quickly replaced by Mary Tudor and beheaded for treason (1537-1554).
4. United States writer of western adventure novels (1875-1939).
5. Englishman who as Prime Minister implemented social reforms including the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire (1764-1845).
6. Any organization or party whose uniforms or badges are grey.
The Confederate army was a vast grey.
7. Horse of a light gray or whitish color.
8. Clothing that is a grey color.
He was dressed in grey.
9. A neutral achromatic color midway between white and black.
10. Of an achromatic color of any lightness intermediate between the extremes of white and black.
The little grey cells.
Gray flannel suit.
A man with greyish hair.
11. Used to signify the Confederate forces in the American Civil War (who wore grey uniforms).
A stalwart grey figure.
12. Showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair.
Whose beard with age is hoar"-Coleridg.
Nodded his hoary head.
13. Intermediate in character or position.
A grey area between clearly legal and strictly illegal.
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English - English - grey Pronunciation
n. achromatic color between black and white (also gray)
v. make grey; turn grey (mainly referring to hair)
adj. of the color grey; having grey hair; dark or gloomy; dull, uninteresting; indeterminate, unclear (also gray)
English - Spanish - grey Pronunciation
s. gris
v. poner gris, agrisar; ponerse gris
adj. gris, agrisado, de color gris, rucio, tordo
Spanish - English - grey Pronunciation
n. flock, congregation of religious believers
English - French - grey Pronunciation
n. gris (couleur)
v. devenir gris; grisonner (cheveux)
adj. gris, grisâtre; argenté
English - German - grey Pronunciation
n. Grau (Farbe)
v. grau machen; ergrauen (meist Haar)
adj. grau; gräulich; silbern
English - Indonesian - grey Pronunciation
n. warna abu-abu, warna kelabu, cat abu-abu, cat kelabu, rambut beruban
v. kelabu: membuat berwarna kelabu, kelabu: menjadi berwarna kelabu, beruban, menguban
a. abu-abu, kelabu, dauk, beruban, mendung
English - Italian - grey Pronunciation
s. grigio, colore grigio; cavallo bigio; cavallo bianco; (Tess) l'essere grezzo
v. rendere grigio
agg. grigio; bigio, cupo; brizzolato, dai capelli grigi; monotono, scialbo, incolore; (fig) triste, tetro, malinconico; anziano, maturo; (Tess) grezzo
English - Polish - grey Pronunciation
n. szarość
a. szary, siwy, popielaty, szpakowaty, blady
English - Portuguese - grey Pronunciation
s. cinza (cor) (grey - inglês britânico, gray - inglês americano)
v. tornar cinzento (mais comum na Inglaterra); encanecer (cabelo ou barba) (mais comum na Inglaterra)
adj. cinzento, acinzentado; pardo; grisalho (grey é mais comum na Inglaterra, e gray nos E.U.A)
English - Romanian - grey Pronunciation
n. nuanţă gri, materie cenuşie {anat.}
a. cenuşiu, gri, sur, cărunt, încărunţit, sein, siv, palid, bătrân, mohorât, înspicat, leşietic, nins, şters
English - Russian - grey Pronunciation
с. серый цвет, серый костюм; ум; лошадь серой масти; седина
г. делать серым, делаться серым, седеть
прил. серый, бледный, седой, пасмурный, сумрачный, мрачный, невеселый, невыразительный
English - Turkish - grey Pronunciation
f. kırlaşmak, ağarmak, beyazlamak
i. gri, külrengi, kurşuni renk
s. gri, külrengi, kırlaşmış, kır, boz, sıkıntılı, kapalı
English - Ukrainian - grey Pronunciation
n. сірий колір, сивина
v. сіріти, сивіти
a. сірий, сивий
English - Dutch - grey Pronunciation
zn. grijs (kleur) (veelvoorkomend in Brits schrift)
ww. vergrijzen (veelvoorkomend in Brits schrift); verzilveren (het haar)(veel voorkomend in Brits schrift)
bn. grijs (veelvoorkomend in Brits schrift); verzilverd (veelvoorkomend in Brits schrift)
English - Greek - grey Pronunciation
επίθ. γκρί, γκρίζος, φαιός, στακτόχρους, σταχτόχρωμος
Spanish - German - grey Pronunciation
n. herde, gemeinde, gruppe, klub
English - Arabic - grey Pronunciation
‏اللون الرمادي‏
‏أشيب، رمادي، كئيب‏
English - Chinese - grey Pronunciation
(名) 灰色
(形) 灰色的, 阴沉的
English - Chinese - grey Pronunciation
(名) 灰色
(形) 灰色的, 陰沈的
English - Hindi - grey Pronunciation
v. सफ़ेद होना, सफ़ेद हो जाना, पक्का होना, पक्का हो जाना, बाल सफ़ेद हो जाना, बाल पक्के हो जाना
a. धूसर, ख़ाकी, भूरा, धुंधला, वृद्ध, प्राचीन, उदास
English - Japanese - grey Pronunciation
(名) 灰色(gray とも綴る)
(動) 灰色にする, 灰色になる; 白髪が増える
(形) 灰色の; 白髪交じりの; 暗い; 鈍い; はっきりしない(gray とも綴る)
English - Korean - grey Pronunciation
명. 회색, 검정과 흰색의 혼합색
동. 회색으로 하다; 회색으로 변하다
형. 회색의; 회색머리가 있는; 어두침침한; 지루한; 불분명한
English - Vietnamese - grey Pronunciation
n. màu xám, ngựa xám, ngựa bịch
v. sợi sống, chất màu xám
a. xám, xanh mét, tái mét, buồn rầu, rầu rỉ

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Synonyms for grey
1. having grey hair: aged, old, decrepit, hoary, grizzly
2. colour: colourless, drab, dusky, ashen, leaden, neutral
Verb forms for grey
Present participle: greying
Present: grey (3.person: greys)
Past: greyed
Future: will grey
Present conditional: would grey
Present Perfect: have greyed (3.person: has greyed)
Past Perfect: had greyed
Future Perfect: will have greyed
Past conditional: would have greyed