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English English - Definition of grummet 
n. protective eyelet in a fabric that prevents ripping of the material or of a rope passing through it; ring of metal or plastic; ring of rope on a sailboat (Nautical)
n. aftermath, bumper crop, byproduct (Agriculture)
Spanish English To Spanish - grummet 
s. grumete (m)
French English To French - grummet 
grummet ['grHmNt] n = GROMMET.
German English To German - grummet 
n. legel (m)
Italian English To Italian - grummet 
Portuguese English To Portuguese - grummet 
s. estropo (m), garruncho (m), ilhó: ilhós metálicos (mpl)
Russian English To Russian - grummet 
с. веревочное кольцо, кренгельс
Turkish English To Turkish - grummet 
i. ip halka, ilik, kopça gözü
English German To English - grummet 
n. aftermath, rowen
Albanian English To Albanian - grummet 
n. unazë litare
Dutch English To Dutch - grummet 
Dutch German To Dutch - grummet 
etgroen ,nahooi
ChineseS English To ChineseS - grummet 
n. 索环 (suo3 huan2), 金属扣眼 (jın1 shu3 kou4 yan3)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - grummet 
n. 索環 (suo3 huan2), 金屬扣眼 (jın1 shu3 kou4 yan3)
Korean English To Korean - grummet 
명. 덧테쇠
Italian German To Italian - grummet 
n. fieno di secondo taglio (m)
Russian German To Russian - grummet 
n. отава (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - grummet 
n. corte: segundo corte (m)
noun: fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines


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