Definition of gummy Pronunciation
1. Showing the gums.
A gummy grin
2. Gummy shark
3. A sheep that is losing or has lost its teeth.
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English - English - gummy Pronunciation
adj. of or containing gum; resinlike, sticky; rubbery; resembling gum
English - Spanish - gummy Pronunciation
adj. mucilaginoso, adhesivo, gomoso, pegajoso
English - French - gummy Pronunciation
adj. gommeux
English - German - gummy Pronunciation
adj. gummiartig, klebrig
English - Italian - gummy Pronunciation
agg. gommoso
English - Portuguese - gummy Pronunciation
adj. pegajoso, colante, grudento
English - Russian - gummy Pronunciation
прил. клейкий, липкий, смолистый; источающий камедь, источающий смолу; опухший, отекший
English - Turkish - gummy Pronunciation
s. yapışkan, yapış yapış, ağdalı, sakız gibi, sakızlı
English - Dutch - gummy Pronunciation
bn. kleverig
English - Greek - gummy Pronunciation
επίθ. κολλώδης
English - Chinese - gummy Pronunciation
(形) 胶粘的; 含有树胶的; 粘性的
English - Chinese - gummy Pronunciation
(形) 膠黏的; 含有樹膠的; 黏性的
English - Japanese - gummy Pronunciation
(形) ねばねばした; 粘着性の; ゴムの; ゴムの付いた
English - Korean - gummy Pronunciation
형. 고무의, 고무성의

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Synonyms for gummy
viscous: thick, gelatinous, concentrated, condensed, glutinous, gluey