Definition of gust Pronunciation
1. A strong, abrupt rush of wind.
2. Any rush or outburst (of water, emotion etc.).
3. To blow in gusts.
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English - English - gust Pronunciation
n. strong and sudden wind; burst or gush (of water, wind, etc.); emotional outburst
v. blow suddenly or strongly (as a gust of wind)
English - Spanish - gust Pronunciation
s. ráfaga, bocanada, racha de aire, tufarada, vantolera; acceso, arrebato
English - French - gust Pronunciation
n. giboulée, rafale; bouffée de colère
English - German - gust Pronunciation
n. Windstoß, Böe; Anfall; emotioneller Ausbruch
v. stark wehen, wehen eines Windstoßes
English - Italian - gust Pronunciation
s. folata, refolo, raffica; scroscio; effusione; fiammata improvvisa; (fig) scoppio, impeto, accesso
v. soffio, folata (di vento); impeto, scoppio (di passione, d'ira)
English - Portuguese - gust Pronunciation
s. rajada de vento; brisa; invasão (sentimentos)
v. soprar subitamente e fortemente (como um sopro de vento)
English - Russian - gust Pronunciation
с. порыв, хлынувший дождь, взрыв гнева, понимание, вкус
English - Turkish - gust Pronunciation
i. bora, ani rüzgâr, yağmurun bastırması, fırtına, duygusal patlama
English - Dutch - gust Pronunciation
zn. sterke wind; (wind-) ruk; uitbarsting (van gevoel)
ww. uitbarsten (als windvlaag), plotseling sterk waaien
English - Greek - gust Pronunciation
ουσ. φύσημα, δυνατή πνοή αέρα, ριπή
English - Chinese - gust Pronunciation
(名) 一阵强风; 爆发; 一阵突发#突然一阵, 风味
English - Chinese - gust Pronunciation
(名) 一陣強風; 爆發; 一陣突發#突然一陣, 風味
English - Japanese - gust Pronunciation
(名) 突風; にわか雨; 水の噴出; 感情の爆発
English - Korean - gust Pronunciation
명. 일진의 바람; 돌발 (비 바람등의); 격발, 감정의 폭발

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Synonyms for gust
blast: blow, gale, squall, storm, wind, draft
Verb forms for gust
Present participle: gusting
Present: gust (3.person: gusts)
Past: gusted
Future: will gust
Present conditional: would gust
Present Perfect: have gusted (3.person: has gusted)
Past Perfect: had gusted
Future Perfect: will have gusted
Past conditional: would have gusted