n. short coat of mail without sleeves; hauberk (used in medieval period)
English - Spanish - habergeon Pronunciation
jaco, camisote, cota de malla sin mangas
English - German - habergeon Pronunciation
ärmellose Kettenrüstung
English - Italian - habergeon Pronunciation
s. usbergo, armatura medievale che difendeva il collo e il busto
English - Portuguese - habergeon Pronunciation
s. cota de malha sem mangas
English - Russian - habergeon Pronunciation
с. кольчуга
English - Turkish - habergeon Pronunciation
i. zırh yeleği
English - Albanian - habergeon Pronunciation
n. parzmore
English - Dutch - habergeon Pronunciation
zn. malienkolder
English - Korean - habergeon Pronunciation
명. 소매 없는 사슬 미늘
noun: (Middle Ages) a light sleeveless coat of chain mail worn under the hauberk

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