Definition of habilitate Pronunciation
1. Qualified or entitled.
2. European institutions of higher education: To qualify as an instructor or professor. Usually associated with defense of a dissertation or similar project.
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English - English - habilitate Pronunciation
v. prepare, equip; dress, clothe; make fit, make capable; become fit
v. enable, make capable; qualify
English - Spanish - habilitate Pronunciation
v. habilitar; vestir a
English - French - habilitate Pronunciation
v. habiliter; se préparer à, être sur le point de
English - German - habilitate Pronunciation
v. habilitieren, vorbereiten
English - Indonesian - habilitate Pronunciation
v. membiayai, mengongkosi, mengenakan, menyiapkan diri, mempersiapkan diri
English - Italian - habilitate Pronunciation
v. vestire, abbigliare
English - Portuguese - habilitate Pronunciation
v. habilitar-se, preparar-se
English - Romanian - habilitate Pronunciation
v. califica, înzestra, finanţa o mină, califica: se califica
English - Russian - habilitate Pronunciation
г. готовиться к определенному роду деятельности, финансировать оборудованием горные разработки, снабжать оборудованием горные разработки, одевать
English - Turkish - habilitate Pronunciation
f. döner sermaye sağlamak, gerekli niteliklere sahip olmak
English - Dutch - habilitate Pronunciation
ww. voorbereiden, klaarmaken
English - Greek - habilitate Pronunciation
(Lex**) habilitate
English - Hindi - habilitate Pronunciation
v. खान-संबंधी केंद्र में रुपये लगना, पहनाना, कोई प्रकार के काम की तैयारी करना
English - Japanese - habilitate Pronunciation
(動) 準備する; 洋服を着せる; 合わせる; 合う; 教育する
English - Korean - habilitate Pronunciation
동. 임관 자격을 얻다, 가동 자금을 주다
English - Vietnamese - habilitate Pronunciation
v. xuất vốn

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Verb forms for habilitate
Present participle: habilitating
Present: habilitate (3.person: habilitates)
Past: habilitated
Future: will habilitate
Present conditional: would habilitate
Present Perfect: have habilitated (3.person: has habilitated)
Past Perfect: had habilitated
Future Perfect: will have habilitated
Past conditional: would have habilitated