Definition of habitude Pronunciation
1. The essential character of one's being or existence; native or normal constitution; mental or moral constitution; bodily condition; native temperament.
2. Habitual disposition; normal or characteristic mode of behaviour, whether from habit or from nature
3. Behaviour or manner of existence in relation to something else; relation; respect.
4. In full habitude: fully, wholly, entirely; in all respects.
5. Habitual association; familiar relation; acquaintance; familiarity; intimacy; association; intercourse.
6. An associate; an acquaintance; someone with whom one is familiar.
7. Habit; custom; usage.
8. A chemical term used in the plural to denote the various ways in which one substance reacts with another; chemical reaction.
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English - English - habitude Pronunciation
n. way of being, inherent character; habit, custom
n. habit, custom, habitude; wont, way; trick, groove; practice, rule; use, praxis
n. habit, custom
English - Spanish - habitude Pronunciation
s. costumbre
English - French - habitude Pronunciation
n. habitude, coutume
English - German - habitude Pronunciation
n. Gewohnheit, Sitte, Brauch
English - Indonesian - habitude Pronunciation
n. kebiasaan, kelaziman, kecenderungan, kecondongan, ciri, sifat, kekhususan, ciri khas, adat
English - Italian - habitude Pronunciation
s. abitudine, costume, consuetudine
English - Polish - habitude Pronunciation
n. skłonność {lit.}
English - Portuguese - habitude Pronunciation
s. hábito, costume
English - Romanian - habitude Pronunciation
n. obicei, deprindere, obişnuinţă, particularitate
English - Russian - habitude Pronunciation
с. привычка, свойство, склонность, обыкновение, установившийся порядок
English - Turkish - habitude Pronunciation
i. alışkanlık
English - Ukrainian - habitude Pronunciation
n. звичка, звичай
French - English - habitude Pronunciation
habit, fashion, way, convention, wont, routine, tendency, custom, usage, manner, use, trick, groove, usual, practice, pattern
Portuguese - English - habitude Pronunciation
n. habit, custom
English - Dutch - habitude Pronunciation
zn. gewoonte, gebruik
English - Greek - habitude Pronunciation
ουσ. έξη, οικειότης, οικειότητα
French - Spanish - habitude Pronunciation
1. (général) costumbre (f); uso (m); práctica (f); habituación (f); hábito (m)
2. (coutume) hábito (m); costumbre (f)
French - German - habitude Pronunciation
n. angewohnheit, gewöhnung, gewöhnlichkeit, gepflogenheit, gewohnheit, brauch
French - Italian - habitude Pronunciation
1. (général) pratica (f); usanza (f); abitudine (f); abito (m); consuetudine (f)
2. (coutume) abitudine (f); costume (m); usanza (f); uso (m)
French - Portuguese - habitude Pronunciation
1. (général) costume (m); hábito (m)
2. (coutume) hábito (m); costume (m)
French - Russian - habitude Pronunciation
n. привычка (f), причуда (f), замашки (f)
French - Turkish - habitude Pronunciation
[la] alışkı, âdet; alışkanlık, itiyat
French - Dutch - habitude Pronunciation
1. (général) praktijk (m/f); gewoonte (f); gebruik (n); wennen (n); gewenning (f)
2. (coutume) gebruik (n); gewoonte (f)
English - Arabic - habitude Pronunciation
English - Chinese - habitude Pronunciation
(名) 体质, 气质, 性质
English - Chinese - habitude Pronunciation
(名) 體質, 氣質, 性質
English - Hindi - habitude Pronunciation
n. झुकाव, लगन, प्रवृत्ति, रुचि, विशेष गुण
English - Japanese - habitude Pronunciation
(名) 性質; 習慣
English - Korean - habitude Pronunciation
명. 습관
English - Vietnamese - habitude Pronunciation
n. thể chất, khí chất, thói quen

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