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English English - Definition of hajji 
n. Muslim who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca
Spanish English To Spanish - hajji 
s. jadyi (musulmán que ha hecho el peregrinaje a la Meca)
French English To French - hajji 
n. hadji, musulman qui a fait le pèlerinage de la Mecque
German English To German - hajji 
n. Hadji, Moslem der die Pilgerfahr nach Mekka gemacht hat
Italian English To Italian - hajji 
s. hajji (musulmano che ha fatto un pellegrinaggio alla Mecca)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - hajji 
s. haji, hadji (muçulmano que peregrinou a Meca)
Russian English To Russian - hajji 
с. хаджи (мусульманин совершивший поломничество в Мекку)
Turkish English To Turkish - hajji 
Dutch English To Dutch - hajji 
zn. hajj (mohammedaan die de pelgrimstocht naar mekka heeft gemaakt)
Greek English To Greek - hajji 
(Lex**) hajji
ChineseS English To ChineseS - hajji 
(名) 曾到麦加朝圣的回教徒
ChineseT English To ChineseT - hajji 
(名) 曾到麥加朝聖的回教徒
Japanese English To Japanese - hajji 
(名) ハジ, メッカの巡礼
noun: a pilgrim who journeys to Mecca


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