Definition of hajji Pronunciation
1. A general term used by foreign soldiers to refer to the Iraqi people.
To American soldiers, the hajji are the alien people from whom the enemy emerges.
2. An Arabic term of respect for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.
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English - English - hajji Pronunciation
n. Muslim who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca
English - Spanish - hajji Pronunciation
s. jadyi (musulmán que ha hecho el peregrinaje a la Meca)
English - French - hajji Pronunciation
n. hadji, musulman qui a fait le pèlerinage de la Mecque
English - German - hajji Pronunciation
n. Hadji, Moslem der die Pilgerfahr nach Mekka gemacht hat
English - Italian - hajji Pronunciation
s. hajji (musulmano che ha fatto un pellegrinaggio alla Mecca)
English - Portuguese - hajji Pronunciation
s. haji, hadji (muçulmano que peregrinou a Meca)
English - Russian - hajji Pronunciation
с. хаджи (мусульманин совершивший поломничество в Мекку)
English - Turkish - hajji Pronunciation
English - Dutch - hajji Pronunciation
zn. hajj (mohammedaan die de pelgrimstocht naar mekka heeft gemaakt)
English - Greek - hajji Pronunciation
(Lex**) hajji
English - Arabic - hajji Pronunciation
‏حاج، الحاج المسعف‏
English - Chinese - hajji Pronunciation
(名) 曾到麦加朝圣的回教徒
English - Chinese - hajji Pronunciation
(名) 曾到麥加朝聖的回教徒
English - Japanese - hajji Pronunciation
(名) ハジ, メッカの巡礼

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