Definition of hanging Pronunciation
1. Decoration that is hung (as a tapestry) on a wall or over a window.
The cold castle walls were covered with hangings.
2. A form of capital punishment; victim is suspended by the neck from a gallows or gibbet until dead.
In those days the hanging of criminals was a public entertainment.
3. The act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely).
There was a small ceremony for the hanging of the portrait.
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English - English - hanging Pronunciation
n. act of suspending; act of executing by suspending by the neck (from a gallows, gibbet, etc.)
English - Spanish - hanging Pronunciation
s. ejecución en la horca, ahorcadura, muerte en la horca; colgamiento
English - French - hanging Pronunciation
n. pendaison, fait de suspendre une personne par le cou au moyen d'une corde (ce qui entraine la mort généralement)
English - German - hanging Pronunciation
[hang] v. hängen; einhängen; abhängen lassen; kleben; (Comput) "stecken" bleiben, aufhören zu arbeiten
n. Hängen, Hinrichtung; Einhängen
English - Indonesian - hanging Pronunciation
n. penggantungan, hukuman gantung, mati di gantungan
a. gantung
English - Italian - hanging Pronunciation
s. impiccagione; l'attaccare, l'appendere
English - Polish - hanging Pronunciation
n. nachylenie, układanie się, powiązanie, brelok, powieszenie zbrodniarza
English - Portuguese - hanging Pronunciation
s. suspensão
English - Romanian - hanging Pronunciation
n. spânzurare, suspendare, agăţare, atârnare, draperie
a. agăţat, cuier, spânzurat
English - Russian - hanging Pronunciation
с. вешание, повешение
English - Turkish - hanging Pronunciation
i. asma, sarkma, ipe çekme, duvar kâğıdı, duvar kumaşı, asılma
s. asılı, asma, askıda, sarkan, sarkık
English - Ukrainian - hanging Pronunciation
n. вішання
a. висячий, підвісний, навислий, огидний, вислий
English - Dutch - hanging Pronunciation
zn. het ophangen
English - Greek - hanging Pronunciation
ουσ. απαγχόνιση, κρεμαστός, κρέμασμα
επίθ. κρεμάμενος
English - Arabic - hanging Pronunciation
‏إعدام شنقا، ستارة، تعليق الصور، شنق‏
English - Chinese - hanging Pronunciation
(名) 绞死; 悬挂; 绞刑
English - Chinese - hanging Pronunciation
(名) 絞死; 懸挂; 絞刑
English - Hindi - hanging Pronunciation
n. लटकना, टांगना, फांसी देना
a. लतकता हुआ, आवेज़ान
English - Japanese - hanging Pronunciation
(名) つるすこと; 絞首刑; カーテン; 壁掛け
(動) 掛ける, 掛かる; ぶら下げる, ぶら下がる; 下げる, 下がる; 取り付ける, 取り付けられている(絞首台に); 垂れる; (コンピュータ)ハングアップする, 固まる, 停止する
English - Korean - hanging Pronunciation
명. 매달기; 교수형
English - Vietnamese - hanging Pronunciation
n. sự treo, móc vật gì, sự treo cổ, màn để treo

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Synonyms for hanging
1. unresolved: pending, tentative, indeterminate, uncertain, deadlocked
2. suspended: dangling, swinging, overhanging