Definition of haphazard Pronunciation
1. Random; chaotic; incomplete; not thorough, constant, or consistent
Do not make such haphazard changes to the settings; instead, adjust the knobs carefully, a bit at a time.
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English - English - haphazard Pronunciation
adj. random, irregular; lacking order or direction
English - Spanish - haphazard Pronunciation
adj. fortuito, casual
English - French - haphazard Pronunciation
adj. par hasard, au petit bonheur
English - German - haphazard Pronunciation
adj. zufällig, willkürlich
English - Italian - haphazard Pronunciation
agg. casuale, accidentale, fortuito; a casaccio
English - Portuguese - haphazard Pronunciation
adj. casual, aleatório, que sucede por acaso
English - Russian - haphazard Pronunciation
прил. случайный, бессистемный
English - Turkish - haphazard Pronunciation
zf. gelişigüzel, rasgele, şans eseri
English - Dutch - haphazard Pronunciation
bn. bij toeval, toevallig
English - Greek - haphazard Pronunciation
επίθ. τυχαίος, συμπτωματικός
ουσ. σύμπτωση
English - Chinese - haphazard Pronunciation
(形) 偶然的; 随便的
English - Chinese - haphazard Pronunciation
(形) 偶然的; 隨便的
English - Japanese - haphazard Pronunciation
(形) 偶然の; 計画なしの; でたらめの
English - Korean - haphazard Pronunciation
형. 우연한, 불규칙적인; 무작위의

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Synonyms for haphazard
casual: irregular, capricious, erratic, hit-or-miss, odd, infrequent, random