Definition of harass Pronunciation
1. To fatigue or to tire with repeated and exhausting efforts.
2. To annoy endlessly or systematically; to molest.
3. To put excessive burdens upon; to subject to anxieties.
Nazis and their sympathizers harassed Jews and Gypsies in the early 1940s.
4. Devastation; waste
5. Worry; harassment
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English - English - harass Pronunciation
v. bother, hassle, torment
English - Spanish - harass Pronunciation
v. acosar, ajetrear, asediar, asurar, atosigar, desazonar, hostigar, hostilizar, molestar, molestar repetidamente, perseguir, perseguir sin descanso, poner en la picota; ser muy molestoso
English - French - harass Pronunciation
v. harceler, tourmenter
English - German - harass Pronunciation
v. bedrängen, beunruhigen
English - Italian - harass Pronunciation
v. (Mil) attaccare ripetutamente, impegnare con ripetuti attacchi; tormentare, molestare, affliggere, perseguitare
English - Portuguese - harass Pronunciation
v. molestar; perturbar; interferir
English - Russian - harass Pronunciation
г. беспокоить, тревожить, изнурять, изматывать, изводить, мытарить
English - Turkish - harass Pronunciation
f. rahatsız etmek, sıkmak, bezdirmek, taciz etmek, canına okumak, çok yormak
English - Dutch - harass Pronunciation
ww. pesten, treiteren; lastigvallen, hinderen
English - Greek - harass Pronunciation
ρήμ. καταπονώ, βασανίζω, ενοχλώ
German - French - harass Pronunciation
n. cagette (f), caisse (f), cageot (m)
English - Chinese - harass Pronunciation
(动) 使烦恼, 烦扰; 不断骚扰
English - Chinese - harass Pronunciation
(動) 使煩惱, 煩擾; 不斷騷擾
English - Japanese - harass Pronunciation
(動) 悩ます; 繰り返し攻撃する
English - Korean - harass Pronunciation
동. 괴롭히다, 애먹이다, 고통스럽게 하다

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Synonyms for harass
plague: annoy, badger, disturb, fret, harry, hector, irritate
Verb forms for harass
Present participle: harassing
Present: harass (3.person: harasses)
Past: harassed
Future: will harass
Present conditional: would harass
Present Perfect: have harassed (3.person: has harassed)
Past Perfect: had harassed
Future Perfect: will have harassed
Past conditional: would have harassed