Definition of harassment Pronunciation
1. The act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism.
2. A feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented.
So great was his harassment that he wanted to destroy his tormentors.
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English - English - harassment Pronunciation
n. bothering, tormenting, pestering
English - Spanish - harassment Pronunciation
s. hostigamiento
English - French - harassment Pronunciation
n. harcèlement, tourment
English - German - harassment Pronunciation
n. Belästigung
English - Indonesian - harassment Pronunciation
n. gangguan, godaan, usikan
English - Italian - harassment Pronunciation
s. fastidio, molestia, tormento
English - Polish - harassment Pronunciation
n. niepokojenie, dokuczanie
English - Portuguese - harassment Pronunciation
s. moléstia, perturbação, importunação
English - Romanian - harassment Pronunciation
n. grijă, hărţuială, neplăcere
English - Russian - harassment Pronunciation
с. беспокойство, забота, раздражение
English - Turkish - harassment Pronunciation
i. sıkma, rahatsızlık, usandırma, sinirlendirme
English - Ukrainian - harassment Pronunciation
n. занепокоєння, роздратування
English - Dutch - harassment Pronunciation
zn. (het) lastig vallen
English - Greek - harassment Pronunciation
ουσ. στενοχώρια, βασάνιση, ενόχληση
English - Arabic - harassment Pronunciation
‏إزعاج، مضايقة‏
English - Chinese - harassment Pronunciation
(名) 烦恼; 骚扰; 烦扰
English - Chinese - harassment Pronunciation
(名) 煩惱; 騷擾; 煩擾
English - Hindi - harassment Pronunciation
n. दुःख, उत्पीड़न, परेशानी
English - Japanese - harassment Pronunciation
(名) 悩ますこと; 悩むこと
English - Korean - harassment Pronunciation
명. 성가시게 굴기, 괴롭히기
English - Vietnamese - harassment Pronunciation
n. khuấy rối liên tiếp, sự làm phiền, sự quấy rầy

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Synonyms for harassment
nuisance: bother, plague, aggravation, pest, annoyance