Definition of hard nut to crack
1. Crack
2. A problem that is challenging to solve.
3. A situation, person, group, etc. which is difficult to overcome or deal with.
4. A place, opportunity, etc. to which it is difficult to gain entry.
5. An amount that is difficult to finance.
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English - English - hard nut to crack
unyielding, unbending, obdurate, stubborn
English - Spanish - hard nut to crack
Es un hueso duro de roer
English - French - hard nut to crack
noix difficile à ouvrir
English - German - hard nut to crack
eine harte Nuß, unnachgiebig, stur, eigensinnig
English - Italian - hard nut to crack
noce difficile da rompere
English - Portuguese - hard nut to crack
noz difícil de quebrar
English - Turkish - hard nut to crack
çetin ceviz
English - Dutch - hard nut to crack
harde noot te kraken
English - Chinese - hard nut to crack
棘手的问题; 难对付的人
English - Chinese - hard nut to crack
棘手的問題; 難對付的人
English - Japanese - hard nut to crack

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