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English English - Definition of harry 
v. destroy, devastate, lay waste; torment, harass, annoy
n. male first name (form of Henry or Harold)
n. Harry, male first name (form of Henry or Harold)
Spanish English To Spanish - harry 
v. acosar, asediar, atosigar, hostilizar, molestar repetidamente; ser muy molestoso
s. Harry (nombre personal)
French English To French - harry 
v. détruire, dévaster; harceler; ennuyer, agaçer
n. Harry, prénom masculin (Henry ou Harold)
German English To German - harry 
v. bedrängen; belästigen
n. Harry, männlicher Vorname (Form von Harold)
Italian English To Italian - harry 
v. (Mil) attaccare ripetutamente, impegnare con ripetuti attacchi; saccheggiare, devastare; (fig) disturbare, infastidire, molestare
s. Harold, Henry
Portuguese English To Portuguese - harry 
v. saquear, destruir; atormentar, perturbar
s. Harry, nome próprio masculino (Henry ou Harold)
Russian English To Russian - harry 
г. совершать набеги, разорять, грабить, опустошать; беспокоить, тревожить, надоедать, изводить
с. Гарри
Turkish English To Turkish - harry 
f. yağmalamak, yakıp yıkmak, bozmak, eziyet etmek, sinirini bozmak
English French To English - harry 
n. Harry, male first name (form of Henry or Harold)
Albanian English To Albanian - harry 
v. bastis, plaçkit, trazoj, ngacmoj, shqetësoj
Dutch English To Dutch - harry 
ww. kwellen, teisteren, plunderen, aflopen, afstropen, verwoesten; bestoken, lastig vallen
zn. Harry (voornaam)
Greek English To Greek - harry 
ρήμ. βασανίζω, λυμαίνομαι
ουσ. έρρικος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - harry 
(动) 掠夺, 侵掠, 使苦恼
ChineseT English To ChineseT - harry 
(動) 掠奪, 侵掠, 使苦惱
Japanese English To Japanese - harry 
(動) 繰り返し攻撃する; 略奪する; 悩まし続ける
Korean English To Korean - harry 
동. 약탈하다, 침략하다, 괴롭히다
명. 해리, 남자 이름
ChineseS German To ChineseS - harry 
verb: make a pillaging or destructive raid on (a place), as in wartimes
verb: annoy continually or chronically Example:He is known to harry his staff when he is overworked.
name: A male given name (very common: 1 in 398 males; popularity rank in the U.S.: #70)
name: A surname (common: 1 in 25000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #2812)


 Synonyms for harry
1. raid: devastate, pillage, plunder, ravage, rob, strip
2. harass: annoy, bother, chafe, disturb, fret, gall, harrow
Tenses for harry
Present participle: harrying
Present: harry (3.person: harries)
Past: harried
Future: will harry
Present conditional: would harry
Present Perfect: have harried (3.person: has harried)
Past Perfect: had harried
Future Perfect: will have harried
Past conditional: would have harried

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