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English English - Definition of hasten 
v. hurry; accelerate, cause to move at a greater pace
v. hasten, hurry, bustle, rush, scurry
Spanish English To Spanish - hasten 
v. acelerar, activar, aligerar, anticipar, apremiar, apurar, dar prisa a; apresurarse, aligerarse, darse prisa, moverse rápido
French English To French - hasten 
v. accélérer; se hâter
German English To German - hasten 
v. beeilen; beschleunigen; antreiben
Italian English To Italian - hasten 
v. sollecitare, fare fretta a; accelerare, affrettare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - hasten 
v. apressar, apressar-se; precipitar-se
Russian English To Russian - hasten 
г. спешить, торопить, ускорять
Turkish English To Turkish - hasten 
f. acele ettirmek, telaşlandırmak, acele etmek, hızlandırmak, iki ayağını bir pabuca sokmak
English German To English - hasten 
v. hurry; accelerate, cause to move at a greater pace
Albanian English To Albanian - hasten 
v. nxitoj, ngut, shpejtoj, nxitohem, ngutem
Dutch English To Dutch - hasten 
ww. zich haasten, snellen
Greek English To Greek - hasten 
ρήμ. σπεύδω, βιάζομαι, επισπεύδω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - hasten 
(动) 赶快, 急忙; 催促; 加速
ChineseT English To ChineseT - hasten 
(動) 趕快, 急忙; 催促; 加速
Japanese English To Japanese - hasten 
(動) 急がせる; 速める; 急ぐ; 急いで…する
Korean English To Korean - hasten 
동. 서두르다; 서두르게 하다
French German To French - hasten 
n. hâte (f)
v. hâter: se hâter
Italian German To Italian - hasten 
v. affrettarsi, affrettarsi a dire, fretta: andare in fretta
Russian German To Russian - hasten 
v. спешить, торопиться, суетиться, тараторить
Spanish German To Spanish - hasten 
n. prisa (f), precipitación (f)
v. prisa: darse prisa, apresurarse
Turkish German To Turkish - hasten 
f. acele etmek, hızlı olmak, çarpınmak
verb: speed up the progress of; facilitate
verb: act or move at high speed
verb: step on it
verb: cause to occur rapidly
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #43545)


 Synonyms for hasten
hurry: rush, haste, scoot, bestir, bustle
Tenses for hasten
Present participle: hastening
Present: hasten (3.person: hastens)
Past: hastened
Future: will hasten
Present conditional: would hasten
Present Perfect: have hastened (3.person: has hastened)
Past Perfect: had hastened
Future Perfect: will have hastened
Past conditional: would have hastened

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