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English English - Definition of hasty 
adj. impetuous, reckless, rash; quick, swift
Spanish English To Spanish - hasty 
adj. apresurado, abrupto, arrebatado, atropellador, precipitado, presuroso
French English To French - hasty 
adj. précipité, fait à la hâte; emporté, vif
German English To German - hasty 
adj. schnell, eilend, eilig
Italian English To Italian - hasty 
agg. frettoloso, affrettato; precipitoso, avventato; focoso, impetuoso; irascibile, iracondo; sconsiderato; veloce, rapido
Portuguese English To Portuguese - hasty 
adj. rápido, apressado, ligeiro
Russian English To Russian - hasty 
прил. поспешный, торопливый; быстрый, стремительный; опрометчивый, скоропалительный; необдуманный, вспыльчивый
Turkish English To Turkish - hasty 
s. acele, çabuk, hızlı, ivedi, tez, aceleci, telaşçı, çabuk sinirlenen, düşüncesizce yapılmış
Albanian English To Albanian - hasty 
adj. nxituar: i nxituar, ngutur: i ngutur, shpejtë: i shpejtë, papeshuar: i papeshuar
Dutch English To Dutch - hasty 
bn. snel, gehaast; voorbarig, overijld
Greek English To Greek - hasty 
επίθ. βιαστικός, γρήγορος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - hasty 
(形) 匆匆的, 急忙的, 轻率的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - hasty 
(形) 匆匆的, 急忙的, 輕率的
Japanese English To Japanese - hasty 
(形) 急な; 軽率な; 性急な
Korean English To Korean - hasty 
형. 결렬한, 성급한; 빠른, 재빠른
adjective: excessively quick Example:Made a hasty exit.
adjective: done with very great haste and without due deliberation Example:Hasty marriage seldom proveth well- Shakespeare.
name: A surname (rare: 1 in 50000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #6034)


 Synonyms for hasty
1. careless: foolhardy, headlong, indiscreet, precipitate, rash, reckless, thoughtless
2. hurried: brisk, fast, fleet, quick, rapid, speedy, swift
3. excitable: fiery, fretful, irascible, irritable, peevish, petulant, waspish

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