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English English - Definition of haus 
n. house (in German)
n. house, residential building, place where people live; audience; legislative body; place where a legislative body meets; family, group of persons who are related by blood, home
v. live, house, reside, dwell
Spanish English To Spanish - haus 
s. casa (en alemán)
German English To German - haus 
n. Haus, Gebäude das als Unterkunft dient
Italian English To Italian - haus 
s. casa (tedesco)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - haus 
s. casa (em alemão)
Russian English To Russian - haus 
дом, здание
English German To English - haus 
n. house (in German)
Dutch English To Dutch - haus 
Dutch German To Dutch - haus 
Japanese English To Japanese - haus 
(名) 家(ドイツ語)
Korean English To Korean - haus 
명. 집(독일어)
ChineseS German To ChineseS - haus 
[das]pl. Haeuser 房子。住房。故乡。家园。
French German To French - haus 
n. maison (f), baraque (f), famille (f), salle (f), chambre (f), coquille (f), établissement (m), immeuble (m)
Italian German To Italian - haus 
n. casa (f), famiglia (f), dinastia (f), ditta (f), persona (f), camera (f), governo della casa (m), teatro (m), tetto (m), focolare (m)
Russian German To Russian - haus 
n. дом (n), здание (n), строение (n), хозяйство (n), семейство (n), палата парламента (n), парламент (n), театр (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - haus 
n. casa (f), edificio (m), inmueble (m), domicilio (m), hogar (m), morada (f), dinastía (f), familia (f), concha (f), casón (m), sala (f), cámara (f), población (
Turkish German To Turkish - haus 
i. ev (n), konut (n), aile (n), hanedan (n), ticarethane (n), firma (n), kabuk (n), meclis (n), parlamento (n), alan (n), adam (n)


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