Definition of have a go Pronunciation
1. To make an attempt; to try.
I've never tried karate before, but I'm willing to have a go.
2. To attack (physically).
I heard you had a go at Jack the other night.
Yes, we had a go.
3. To tell off (especially unnecessarily or excessively), to criticise.
My teacher had a go at me earlier, just for missing one sodding homework. I was fuming.
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English - Spanish - have a go Pronunciation
v. intentar
English - French - have a go Pronunciation
v. essayer
English - German - have a go Pronunciation
v. probieren
English - Turkish - have a go Pronunciation
f. denemek, tadına bakmak
English - Ukrainian - have a go Pronunciation
v. спробувати
English - Arabic - have a go Pronunciation

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