Definition of headache Pronunciation
1. A pain or ache in the head.
2. (figurative) A nuisance or unpleasant problem.
The clumsy filing system has been a huge headache.
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English - English - headache Pronunciation
n. pain in the head
English - Spanish - headache Pronunciation
s. dolor de cabeza, cefalalgia, cefalea, jaqueca, quebradero de cabeza
English - French - headache Pronunciation
n. mal de tête
English - German - headache Pronunciation
n. Kopfschmerzen
English - Italian - headache Pronunciation
s. emicrania, cefalea, mal di testa; (fam) preoccupazione, grattacapo, fastidio
English - Portuguese - headache Pronunciation
s. dor de cabeça
English - Russian - headache Pronunciation
с. головная боль, источник беспокойства, неприятность, помеха
English - Turkish - headache Pronunciation
i. başağrısı, dert, baş belâsı
English - Dutch - headache Pronunciation
zn. hoofdpijn
English - Greek - headache Pronunciation
ουσ. κεφαλόπονος, πονοκέφαλος, πονοκέφαλο
English - Chinese - headache Pronunciation
(名) 头痛; 令人头痛之事
English - Chinese - headache Pronunciation
(名) 頭痛; 令人頭痛之事
English - Japanese - headache Pronunciation
(名) 頭痛; 頭痛の種
English - Korean - headache Pronunciation
명. 두통

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