Definition of heaps Pronunciation
1. Very much.
Thanks heaps.
2. A large number or amount.
Made lots of new friends.
She amassed stacks of newspapers.
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English - Spanish - heaps Pronunciation
English - French - heaps Pronunciation
English - German - heaps Pronunciation
n. masse (f)
English - Italian - heaps Pronunciation
[heap] s. mucchio; cumulo; (inform.) area precisa della memoria usata per l'immagazzinamento di risorse importanti
v. ammucchiare, accumulare, accatastare; riempire, colmare; ammassare; coprire
English - Romanian - heaps Pronunciation
n. ghiotura
English - Russian - heaps Pronunciation
нареч. много
English - Ukrainian - heaps Pronunciation
adv. дуже
English - Greek - heaps Pronunciation
ουσ. πλήθος
English - Arabic - heaps Pronunciation
كدس, كوم
كومة, ركام, تل

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