Definition of heart valve Pronunciation
1. The valves in the heart which prevent blood from moving in the wrong direction.
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English - English - heart valve Pronunciation
membrane that controls the flow of blood in and out of the heart
English - Spanish - heart valve Pronunciation
válvula coronaria (el pase entre los ventrículos y aurículos coronarios)
English - French - heart valve Pronunciation
la valve du coeur (passage des cellules cardiaques et de son fonctionnement)
English - German - heart valve Pronunciation
Herzklappe (Verschluß zwischen Gefäßen und Kammern)
English - Italian - heart valve Pronunciation
valvola del cuore
English - Portuguese - heart valve Pronunciation
válvula do coração (a passagem entre as partes do coração)
English - Dutch - heart valve Pronunciation
hartklep (de doorgang tussen de hartkamers)
English - Japanese - heart valve Pronunciation

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