Definition of heartbreak Pronunciation
1. Overwhelming mental anguish or grief, especially that caused by loss or disappointment
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English - English - heartbreak Pronunciation
n. anguish, sorrow, grief, distress
English - Spanish - heartbreak Pronunciation
s. angustia, congoja
English - French - heartbreak Pronunciation
n. immense chagrin, déchirement du coeur
English - German - heartbreak Pronunciation
n. Herzschmerz, Herzleiden, Kummer
English - Indonesian - heartbreak Pronunciation
n. kesedihan hati, remuk hati, kemasygulan, kemasgulan
English - Italian - heartbreak Pronunciation
s. crepacuore
English - Portuguese - heartbreak Pronunciation
s. mágoa, desgosto
English - Russian - heartbreak Pronunciation
с. большое горе
English - Turkish - heartbreak Pronunciation
i. kâlp kırıklığı, gönül yarası, acı, keder
English - Dutch - heartbreak Pronunciation
zn. hartzeer, diepe teleurstelling
English - Greek - heartbreak Pronunciation
ουσ. σκασίλα, σπαραγμός καρδιάς
English - Arabic - heartbreak Pronunciation
‏حرقة في المعدة، حسرة، غصة‏
English - Chinese - heartbreak Pronunciation
(名) 难忍的悲伤或失望
English - Chinese - heartbreak Pronunciation
(名) 難忍的悲傷或失望
English - Hindi - heartbreak Pronunciation
n. बड़ा दुःख, बड़ी मुसीबत, बड़ा शोक
English - Japanese - heartbreak Pronunciation
(名) 悲嘆; 悲しみの種
English - Korean - heartbreak Pronunciation
명. 비탄, 슬픔, 깊은 슬픔
English - Vietnamese - heartbreak Pronunciation
n. sự đau lòng

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