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English English - Definition of heartbreaking 
adj. causing grief or intense sorrow
Spanish English To Spanish - heartbreaking 
adj. desconsolador, desgarrador, que parte el corazón
French English To French - heartbreaking 
adj. déchirant
German English To German - heartbreaking 
adj. herzzerbrechend, großen Kummer verursachend
Italian English To Italian - heartbreaking 
agg. straziante, che spezza il cuore
Portuguese English To Portuguese - heartbreaking 
adj. doloroso
Russian English To Russian - heartbreaking 
прил. душераздирающий, вызывающий печаль, надрывающий сердце
Turkish English To Turkish - heartbreaking 
s. yürek parçalayıcı, üzücü
Albanian English To Albanian - heartbreaking 
adj. shpirtcopëtues, zemër: që të copëton zemrën
Dutch English To Dutch - heartbreaking 
bn. hartbrekend, hartverscheurend
Greek English To Greek - heartbreaking 
επίθ. σπαραξικάρδιος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - heartbreaking 
(形) 令人心碎的, 悲痛的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - heartbreaking 
(形) 令人心碎的, 悲痛的
Japanese English To Japanese - heartbreaking 
(形) 胸の張り裂けそうな; うんざりするような
Korean English To Korean - heartbreaking 
형. 마음이 찢어지게 아픈, 고통스러운, 슬픈
adjective: causing or marked by grief or anguish Example:Her sigh was heartbreaking.


 Synonyms for heartbreaking
distressing: irksome, grievous, onerous

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