Definition of heckler Pronunciation
1. Agent noun of heckle; one who heckles; somebody who insults, makes fun of, or teases.
The juggler always seemed to have a heckler or two in the crowd on Saturdays.
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English - English - heckler Pronunciation
n. one who badgers, harasser
English - Spanish - heckler Pronunciation
s. abucheador, bravucón
English - French - heckler Pronunciation
n. interpellateur; perturbateur
English - German - heckler Pronunciation
n. Zwischenrufer
English - Indonesian - heckler Pronunciation
n. tukang ejekan yg berteriak
English - Italian - heckler Pronunciation
s. interlocutore importante
English - Portuguese - heckler Pronunciation
s. interferente, pessoa que tende a interromper (geralmente no meio de um discurso)
English - Russian - heckler Pronunciation
с. трепальщик льна
English - Turkish - heckler Pronunciation
i. keten tarakçısı, sorularla sıkıştıran kimse
English - Dutch - heckler Pronunciation
zn. iemand die een spreker met lastige vragen bestookt
English - Greek - heckler Pronunciation
ουσ. αυτός που διακόπτει ρήτορα, ταραξίας
English - Chinese - heckler Pronunciation
(名) 激烈质问者; 起哄者, 扰乱分子
English - Chinese - heckler Pronunciation
(名) 激烈質問者; 起哄者, 擾亂分子
English - Japanese - heckler Pronunciation
(名) 質問攻めにする人
English - Korean - heckler Pronunciation
명. 야유하는 사람
English - Vietnamese - heckler Pronunciation
n. người chất vấn

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