Definition of helvetic Pronunciation
1. Of or pertaining to the Helvetii, the ancient inhabitants of the Alps, now Switzerland, or to the modern states and inhabitant of the Alpine regions.
The Helvetic confederacy
Helvetic states
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English - English - helvetic Pronunciation
adj. relating or pertaining to Switzerland; relating to or of Helvetia; relating to or of Helvetii who inhabited the Swiss Alps
English - Spanish - helvetic Pronunciation
English - French - helvetic Pronunciation
adj. helvétique, relatif à la Suisse; qui appartient à l'Helvétie
English - Indonesian - helvetic Pronunciation
a. swis
English - Italian - helvetic Pronunciation
agg. elvetico, elvetico, dell'antica Elvezia, la Svizzera attuale
English - Portuguese - helvetic Pronunciation
adj. suíço; relativo aos membros de um antigo povo celta nos Alpes Suíços
English - Russian - helvetic Pronunciation
прил. швейцарский
English - Ukrainian - helvetic Pronunciation
a. швейцарський
English - Hindi - helvetic Pronunciation
a. स्वीस
English - Korean - helvetic Pronunciation
형. 헬베티아 언어의

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