Definition of hemic Pronunciation
1. Of or relating to blood.
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English - English - hemic Pronunciation
adj. of blood, pertaining to blood
English - Spanish - hemic Pronunciation
adj. hemal, de la sangre, sanguíneo
English - French - hemic Pronunciation
adj. hématique, relatif au sang
English - German - hemic Pronunciation
adj. Blut betreffend, blutig
English - Italian - hemic Pronunciation
agg. emico (del sangue)
English - Portuguese - hemic Pronunciation
adj. hêmico, hemático, do sangue
English - Russian - hemic Pronunciation
действующий на кровь; кровяной
English - Dutch - hemic Pronunciation
bn. Van het bloed
English - Chinese - hemic Pronunciation
(形) 血的; 血性的
English - Chinese - hemic Pronunciation
(形) 血的; 血性的
English - Japanese - hemic Pronunciation
(形) 血液の

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