Definition of heroical Pronunciation
1. Heroic
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English - English - heroical Pronunciation
adj. characteristic of a hero or heroine, courageous, fearless, daring
English - Spanish - heroical Pronunciation
adj. heroico
English - French - heroical Pronunciation
adj. audacieux, hardi, puissant
English - German - heroical Pronunciation
adj. heldenhaft, heroisch; gewagt, kühn
English - Italian - heroical Pronunciation
agg. eroico
English - Portuguese - heroical Pronunciation
adj. heróico, épico, ousado
English - Russian - heroical Pronunciation
больше человеческого роста
English - Turkish - heroical Pronunciation
s., bak. heroic.
English - Dutch - heroical Pronunciation
bn. heroïsch, heldhaftig
English - Chinese - heroical Pronunciation
(形) 英雄的; 异常的; 超人的; 史诗般的文体的
English - Chinese - heroical Pronunciation
(形) 英雄的; 異常的; 超人的; 史詩般的文體的
English - Japanese - heroical Pronunciation
(形) 英雄的な; 大胆な; 勇ましい; 勇壮な; 誇大な
English - Korean - heroical Pronunciation
형. 영웅적인, 용감한, 두려움이 없는, 대담한

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