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English English - Definition of hilarious 
adj. merry, jolly, cheerful; very funny, amusing
Spanish English To Spanish - hilarious 
adj. hilarante, divertidísimo
French English To French - hilarious 
adj. gai, joyeux, réjouissant; marrant, comique; hilare, très drôle, amusant
German English To German - hilarious 
adj. fröhlich; ausgelassen; vergnügt
Italian English To Italian - hilarious 
agg. allegro, chiassoso; spassosissimo, divertente
Portuguese English To Portuguese - hilarious 
adj. alegre, hilariante; engraçado
Russian English To Russian - hilarious 
прил. веселый, шумный
Turkish English To Turkish - hilarious 
s. şamatalı, neşeli, eğlendirici, gürültülü
Albanian English To Albanian - hilarious 
adj. gëzueshëm: i gëzueshëm, gazmor, qesh: për të qeshur, zbavitës: shumë zbavitës
Dutch English To Dutch - hilarious 
bn. vrolijk, uitgelaten
Greek English To Greek - hilarious 
επίθ. ιλάριος, φαιδρός, εύθυμος, ξεκαρδιστικός, σπαρταριστικός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - hilarious 
(形) 喜不自禁的, 愉快的, 欢闹的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - hilarious 
(形) 喜不自禁的, 愉快的, 歡鬧的
Japanese English To Japanese - hilarious 
(形) とてもおかしい; 陽気な
Korean English To Korean - hilarious 
형. 명령한, 유쾌한, 쾌활한; 매우 즐거운
adjective: marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter Example:Hilarious broad comedy.


 Synonyms for hilarious
happy: elated, merry, high, funny

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