Definition of hinder Pronunciation
1. To make difficult to accomplish; to frustrate, act as obstacle.
A drought hinders the growth of plants.
2. To keep back; to delay or impede; to prevent.
3. To cause harm.
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English - English - hinder Pronunciation
v. slow down; disturb; prevent
n. hindrance, impediment, obstacle; nuisance, annoyance
v. hinder, impede, obstruct; annoy, bother, irritate
English - Spanish - hinder Pronunciation
v. impedir, detener, dificultar, embarazar, empecer, entorpecer, entrabar, estorbar, imposibilitar, inhibir, obstaculizar, obstar, poner barreras a, poner obstáculos a, poner trabas a
English - French - hinder Pronunciation
v. gêner, empêcher, entraver
English - German - hinder Pronunciation
v. aufhalten; stören; verhindern
English - Italian - hinder Pronunciation
v. impacciare, intralciare, ostacolare, inceppare; impedire; ritardare
English - Portuguese - hinder Pronunciation
v. atrasar a alguém; impedir; atrapalhar
English - Russian - hinder Pronunciation
г. мешать, препятствовать, быть помехой
English - Turkish - hinder Pronunciation
f. engel olmak, alıkoymak, aksatmak, engellemek, aksamak, sonraya kalmak
s. arkadaki, daha arkadaki
Dutch - English - hinder Pronunciation
n. hindrance, impediment, obstacle; nuisance, annoyance
English - Dutch - hinder Pronunciation
ww. hinderen; belemmeren, verhinderen, beletten
English - Greek - hinder Pronunciation
ρήμ. εμποδίζω
επίθ. οπίσθιος
Dutch - French - hinder Pronunciation
(algemeen) inconvénient (m)
English - Chinese - hinder Pronunciation
(动) 妨碍; 阻碍; 起阻碍作用; 成为障碍
English - Chinese - hinder Pronunciation
(動) 妨礙; 阻礙; 起阻礙作用; 成為障礙
English - Japanese - hinder Pronunciation
(動) 妨げる; 遅らせる
English - Korean - hinder Pronunciation
동. 방해하다

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Synonyms for hinder
1. block: obstruct, thwart, prevent, restrain
2. impede: delay, encumber, foil, hamper, interrupt, obstruct, retard
Verb forms for hinder
Present participle: hindering
Present: hinder (3.person: hinders)
Past: hindered
Future: will hinder
Present conditional: would hinder
Present Perfect: have hindered (3.person: has hindered)
Past Perfect: had hindered
Future Perfect: will have hindered
Past conditional: would have hindered