Definition of hold Pronunciation
1. Keep from exhaling or expelling.
2. Time during which some action is awaited.
He ordered a hold in the action.
3. A state of being confined (usually for a short time).
4. The act of grasping.
She kept a firm hold on the railing.
5. A cell in a jail or prison.
6. A stronghold.
7. The appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it.
8. The space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo.
9. Understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something.
10. Power by which something or someone is affected or dominated.
He has a hold over them.
11. Have as a major characteristic.
12. Resist or confront with resistance.
13. Have room for; hold without crowding.
The auditorium can't hold more than 500 people.
14. Contain or hold; have within.
15. Be capable of holding or containing.
16. Remain in a certain state, position, or condition.
17. Keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g., "keep clean".
18. Stop dealing with.
19. Be valid, applicable, or true.
20. Be pertinent or relevant or applicable.
21. Support or hold in a certain manner.
22. Organize or be responsible for.
23. Maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings).
24. Cause to stop.
25. Have rightfully; of rights, titles, and offices.
26. Keep from departing.
27. Take and maintain control over, often by violent means.
28. Arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance.
Please hold a table at Maxim's.
29. Lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits.
30. Secure and keep for possible future use or application.
31. Have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense.
32. To close within bounds, limit or hold back from movement.
33. Cover as for protection against noise or smell.
34. Aim, point, or direct.
35. Drink alcohol without showing ill effects.
He can hold his liquor.
36. Have or hold in one's hands or grip.
A crazy idea took hold of him.
37. Be the physical support of; carry the weight of.
38. Protect against a challenge or attack.
39. Remain committed to.
I hold to these ideas.
40. Hold the attention of.
She can hold an audience spellbound.
41. Assert or affirm.
42. Keep in mind or convey as a conviction or view.
I hold him personally responsible.
43. Be in accord; be in agreement.
I hold with those who say life is sacred.
44. Declare to be.
45. Bind by an obligation; cause to be indebted.
I'll hold you by your promise.
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English - English - hold Pronunciation
n. grasp, grip; handle, something to grip; influence, effect; order to delay or postpone something; stronghold, secure fortified place; storage space in the hull of a ship
v. have in one's hand; include, contain; keep, save; restrain; maintain, support, believe; direct, arrange; possess
adj. sweet, fair, dear, beloved, precious
English - Spanish - hold Pronunciation
s. agarre, apoyo, asimiento, cogedura; agarradera
v. sujetar, agarrar, mantener, mantener a la fuerza, contener, guardar, poseer; creer que, aseverar, mantener la opinión que; sostener, creer en; cumplir; soportar, aguantar
English - French - hold Pronunciation
n. prise, cale, influence
v. se tenir, tenir; se retenir, se maintenir; détenir; conserver, garder, posséder; penser, croire; tenir, diriger; organiser; être actionnaire de
English - German - hold Pronunciation
n. Haltung; Einfluß; Griff; Gewalt; Festung; Lagerraum in einem Schiff; Anhalten oder Verschieben von etwas auf einen späteren Zeitpunkt
v. halten; festhalten; beinhalten, enthalten; behalten; besitzen; tragen; stützen; unterstützen; bergen
English - Italian - hold Pronunciation
s. presa, stretta; appoggio, sostegno, appiglio; (fig) influenza, ascendente, autorità; (fig) comprensione; detenzione, prigionia; prigione, cella, guardina; (Mus) corona; (Mil) fortezza, roccaforte
v. avere in mano, impugnare, tenere; reggere, sorreggere, sostenere; trattenere; fermare; mantenere; possedere, detenere; contenere; ritenere, considerare, reputare; tenere avvinto
English - Portuguese - hold Pronunciation
s. posse; custódia; influência
v. segurar; conter, incluir; guardar; reter; manter, apoiar; crer, acreditar; organizar, ordenar, arrumar; possuir, ter a posse de, controlar
English - Russian - hold Pronunciation
с. трюм, удерживание, захват, владение, власть, влияние, опора, ушко, фермата, пауза, понимание, способность понимания
г. держать, удерживать, сдерживать, задерживать, придерживать; останавливать; продержать; владеть, иметь; оборонять [воен.]; вмещать, содержать в себе, заключать в себе; полагать, считать; держать в тюрьме; выдерживать, держаться; стоять (о погоде)
иметь силу (о законе), оставаться в силе; оказывать влияние на кого-л.
English - Turkish - hold Pronunciation
f. tutmak, kavramak, tıkamak, kaldırmak, el koymak, alıkoymak, gözaltına almak, devam etmek, almak, barındırmak, muhafaza etmek, karara bağlamak, çekmek, dayanmak, sadık kalmak, geçerli olmak, durmak
i. tutma, tutunma, gemi ambarı, tutunacak yer, etki, nüfuz, durdurma, ambar, bagaj bölümü (uçak)
ünl. dur
German - English - hold Pronunciation
v. have in one's hand; include, contain; keep, save; restrain; maintain, support, believe; direct, arrange; possess
English - Dutch - hold Pronunciation
zn. houvast; invloed
ww. vasthouden; inhouden; bewaren; geloven; schatten; houden; eigenaar zijn van
English - Greek - hold Pronunciation
ουσ. αμπάρι, κράτηση, πιάσιμο, κύτος
ρήμ. βαστάζω, συγκρατώ, κρατώ, κατέχω, πιάνω, διατηρώ
German - Spanish - hold Pronunciation
adj. favorable, propicio
German - Russian - hold Pronunciation
adj. милый, прелестный
German - Turkish - hold Pronunciation
s. sevimli, nazik, hoş, nurlu, çekici
German - Dutch - hold Pronunciation
English - Chinese - hold Pronunciation
(名) 抓住, 握住; 可手攀的东西, 支撑点; 握法; 掌握#延迟, 延期
(动) 握着; 夹住; 抓住; 托住; 持续, 保持; 有效, 适用; 顶住, 支持
English - Chinese - hold Pronunciation
(名) 抓住, 握住; 可手攀的東西, 支撐點; 握法; 掌握#延遲, 延期
(動) 握著; 夾住; 抓住; 托住; 持續, 保持; 有效, 適用; 頂住, 支持
English - Japanese - hold Pronunciation
(動) 持つ; つかまっている; 支える; 続く; もつ; 保つ; 収容する; 入れられる
(名) 掴み; 握り; 握り方; 支配; 理解力; 船倉
English - Korean - hold Pronunciation
명. 붙잡음, 쥠; 쥐는 곳, 손잡이; 영향; 연장, 연기; 요새, 피난처; 화물실
동. 손에 쥐다; 포함하다, 담다; 지키다; 억제하다; 유지하다, 지지하다; 믿다, 여기다; 손에 넣다, 소유하다
German - Chinese - hold Pronunciation
adj. 可爱的。妩媚的。甜甜的。

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Synonyms for hold
1. control: retention, influence, ownership, tenure, tenacity, maintenance, occupancy
2. grip: grasp, clutch, clasp, clench, clamp, purchase
3. prison: cell, dungeon, deep, keep, tower
4. have: possess, retain, keep, occupy, own
5. continue: endure, persist, remain, maintain, support, sustain, last
6. carry on: pursue, engage in, observe, celebrate
7. restrain: confine, detain, hinder, keep back
8. contain: include, admit
Verb forms for hold
Present participle: holding
Present: hold (3.person: holds)
Past: held
Future: will hold
Present conditional: would hold
Present Perfect: have held (3.person: has held)
Past Perfect: had held
Future Perfect: will have held
Past conditional: would have held