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English English - Definition of holy 
n. sacred place, sanctuary; saintly person; something sacred
adj. sacred, consecrated; divine; devoted to the service of God or religion; saintly, godly
Spanish English To Spanish - holy 
s. (holy of holies) sagrario; sanctasanctórum
adj. santo, bendito, divino, sacro, sagrado, santísimo
French English To French - holy 
n. lieu saint, endroit sacré; sanctuaire; personne sainte; quelque chose de sacré
adj. saint, sacré; divin, béni, salutaire; pieux
German English To German - holy 
n. heiliger Ort, heilige Stätte; heilige Person; heilige Sache
adj. heilig; göttlich
Italian English To Italian - holy 
s. santuario, luogo sacro
agg. santo, sacro; pio; venerato; religioso, sacrale
Portuguese English To Portuguese - holy 
s. sagrado, santo
adj. sagrado, sacro
Russian English To Russian - holy 
с. святой
прил. святой, священный, праведный, безгрешный
Turkish English To Turkish - holy 
i. kutsal yer
s. kutsal, mübarek, tapılası, tanrısal, tanrı'ya ait, tanrı'nın görevlendirdiği
Albanian English To Albanian - holy 
adj. shenjtë: i shenjtë
Dutch English To Dutch - holy 
bn. heilig
Greek English To Greek - holy 
επίθ. ιερός, άγιος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - holy 
(形) 神圣的, 至善的, 圣洁的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - holy 
(形) 神聖的, 至善的, 聖潔的
Japanese English To Japanese - holy 
(形) 神聖な; 神事に供する; 清浄な; 神々しい; 信心深い
(名) 神聖なもの
Korean English To Korean - holy 
명. 거룩, 성스러움; 성전; 성자; 성물
형. 신성한; 거룩한
noun: a sacred place of pilgrimage
adjective: belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #63255)


 Synonyms for holy
1. pious: divine, godly, saintly, spiritual, devout, righteous, chaste
2. blessed: sanctified, consecrated, hallowed, sacred, dedicated

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