Definition of hopeless Pronunciation
1. Without hope; despairing; not expecting anything positive.
2. Giving no ground of hope; promising nothing desirable; desperate.
A hopeless cause
3. Without talent, not skilled
He's a hopeless writer, but can draw very well.
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English - English - hopeless Pronunciation
adj. lost, forlorn, having no hope
English - Spanish - hopeless Pronunciation
adj. desesperado, desahuciado, descorazonado, incurable, irremediable, sin consuelo, sin esperanza, sin remedio
English - French - hopeless Pronunciation
adj. désespéré, sans espoir
English - German - hopeless Pronunciation
adj. verloren, hoffnungslos
English - Indonesian - hopeless Pronunciation
a. putus asa, harapan: tdk ada harapan, sia-sia
English - Italian - hopeless Pronunciation
agg. disperato, senza speranza; impossibile, irrealizzabile, insolubile; (fam) incapace
English - Polish - hopeless Pronunciation
a. beznadziejny, rozpaczliwy, zdesperowany
English - Portuguese - hopeless Pronunciation
adj. perdido, sem esperança
English - Romanian - hopeless Pronunciation
a. desperat, deznădăjduit, dezesperant, speranţă: fără speranţe, iremediabil, incorigibil, inveterat, înrăit
English - Russian - hopeless Pronunciation
прил. безнадежный, безвыходный, отчаявшийся, неисправимый
English - Turkish - hopeless Pronunciation
s. ümitsiz, umut vermeyen, umutsuz
English - Ukrainian - hopeless Pronunciation
a. безнадійний, безвихідний, зневірений
English - Dutch - hopeless Pronunciation
bn. verloren; hopeloos
English - Greek - hopeless Pronunciation
επίθ. άπελπις, απελπισμένος, απαρηγόρητος
English - Arabic - hopeless Pronunciation
‏يائس، ميئوس منه، غير مؤهل، عضال، مستحيلا، متعذر‏
English - Chinese - hopeless Pronunciation
(形) 无希望的, 毫无办法的, 绝望的
English - Chinese - hopeless Pronunciation
(形) 無希望的, 毫無辦法的, 絕望的
English - Hindi - hopeless Pronunciation
a. आशाहीन, निराशाजनक, निराशात्मक, निराश, निकंमा
English - Japanese - hopeless Pronunciation
(形) 絶望した; 見込みのない; どうしようもない; 前途多難な
English - Korean - hopeless Pronunciation
형. 희망을 잃은, 희망이 없는, 절망적인
English - Vietnamese - hopeless Pronunciation
a. thất vọng, vô hy vọng, tuyệt vọng, bịnh không thể chửa được

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