English - Definiton of iambus Pronunciation
n. (Poetry) foot consisting of two syllables (the first syllable is long and the second short or the first syllable is stressed and the second unstressed)
English - Spanish - iambus Pronunciation
s. yambo
English - French - iambus Pronunciation
n. iambe, pied composé d'une brève et d'une longue, pied considéré comme deux syllabes (Poésie)
English - German - iambus Pronunciation
n. Jambus (Versfuß)
English - Italian - iambus Pronunciation
s. iambo (nella fonetica della poesia - sillaba accentuata seguita da una non accentuata)
English - Portuguese - iambus Pronunciation
s. iambo (pé de verso constituído de uma sílaba breve seguida de uma longa, na poesia grega ou latina)
English - Russian - iambus Pronunciation
с. ямб
English - Turkish - iambus Pronunciation
i. birinci kısa
English - Dutch - iambus Pronunciation
zn. jambe (zwaarte v.e. lied)
English - Greek - iambus Pronunciation
(Lex**) ίαμβος
German - French - iambus Pronunciation
n. iambe (m)
English - Chinese - iambus Pronunciation
(名) 抑扬格; 短长格
English - Chinese - iambus Pronunciation
(名) 抑揚格; 短長格
English - Japanese - iambus Pronunciation
(名) (詩)短長格
English - Korean - iambus Pronunciation
명. 단장격
noun: a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables

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