Definition of iambus Pronunciation
1. An iamb
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English - English - iambus Pronunciation
n. (Poetry) foot consisting of two syllables (the first syllable is long and the second short or the first syllable is stressed and the second unstressed)
English - Spanish - iambus Pronunciation
s. yambo
English - French - iambus Pronunciation
n. iambe, pied composé d'une brève et d'une longue, pied considéré comme deux syllabes (Poésie)
English - German - iambus Pronunciation
n. Jambus (Versfuß)
English - Indonesian - iambus Pronunciation
n. iambik
English - Italian - iambus Pronunciation
s. iambo (nella fonetica della poesia - sillaba accentuata seguita da una non accentuata)
English - Polish - iambus Pronunciation
n. jamb
English - Portuguese - iambus Pronunciation
s. iambo (pé de verso constituído de uma sílaba breve seguida de uma longa, na poesia grega ou latina)
English - Romanian - iambus Pronunciation
n. iamb {metr.}
English - Russian - iambus Pronunciation
с. ямб
English - Turkish - iambus Pronunciation
i. birinci kısa
English - Ukrainian - iambus Pronunciation
n. ямб
English - Dutch - iambus Pronunciation
zn. jambe (zwaarte v.e. lied)
English - Greek - iambus Pronunciation
(Lex**) ίαμβος
German - French - iambus Pronunciation
n. iambe (m)
English - Arabic - iambus Pronunciation
English - Chinese - iambus Pronunciation
(名) 抑扬格; 短长格
English - Chinese - iambus Pronunciation
(名) 抑揚格; 短長格
English - Hindi - iambus Pronunciation
n. एक प्रकार का छंद, यांब
English - Japanese - iambus Pronunciation
(名) (詩)短長格
English - Korean - iambus Pronunciation
명. 단장격
English - Vietnamese - iambus Pronunciation
n. thơ 12 và 8 vế có giọng chua cay

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