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English English - Definition of idiotic 
adj. stupid, ridiculous, senseless, foolish
Spanish English To Spanish - idiotic 
adj. idiota, bobalicón, dundo, imbécil, papanatas, tonto
French English To French - idiotic 
adj. idiot, stupide
German English To German - idiotic 
adj. idiotisch, schwachsinnig
Italian English To Italian - idiotic 
agg. idiota, cretino, stupido
Portuguese English To Portuguese - idiotic 
adj. idiota, tolo
Russian English To Russian - idiotic 
прил. идиотский
Turkish English To Turkish - idiotic 
s. aptal, aptalca, ahmakça
Albanian English To Albanian - idiotic 
adj. idiot
Dutch English To Dutch - idiotic 
bn. idioot
Greek English To Greek - idiotic 
επίθ. ηλίθιος, μωρός, βλακώδης
ChineseS English To ChineseS - idiotic 
(形) 白痴的; 白痴般的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - idiotic 
(形) 白癡的; 白癡般的
Japanese English To Japanese - idiotic 
(形) ばかな
Korean English To Korean - idiotic 
형. 백치의, 어리석은
adjective: insanely irresponsible Example:An idiotic idea.
adjective: having a mental age of three to seven years
adjective: completely devoid of wisdom or good sense


 Synonyms for idiotic
foolish: absurd, lunatic, illogical, irrational, ludicrous, inane, asinine

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