Definition of idiotic Pronunciation
1. Incongruous;inviting ridicule.
2. Having a mental age of three to seven years.
3. Insanely irresponsible.
An idiotic idea.
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English - English - idiotic Pronunciation
adj. stupid, ridiculous, senseless, foolish
English - Spanish - idiotic Pronunciation
adj. idiota, bobalicón, dundo, imbécil, papanatas, tonto
English - French - idiotic Pronunciation
adj. idiot, stupide
English - German - idiotic Pronunciation
adj. idiotisch, schwachsinnig
English - Italian - idiotic Pronunciation
agg. idiota, cretino, stupido
English - Portuguese - idiotic Pronunciation
adj. idiota, tolo
English - Russian - idiotic Pronunciation
прил. идиотский
English - Turkish - idiotic Pronunciation
s. aptal, aptalca, ahmakça
English - Dutch - idiotic Pronunciation
bn. idioot
English - Greek - idiotic Pronunciation
επίθ. ηλίθιος, μωρός, βλακώδης
English - Chinese - idiotic Pronunciation
(形) 白痴的; 白痴般的
English - Chinese - idiotic Pronunciation
(形) 白癡的; 白癡般的
English - Japanese - idiotic Pronunciation
(形) ばかな
English - Korean - idiotic Pronunciation
형. 백치의, 어리석은

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Synonyms for idiotic
foolish: absurd, lunatic, illogical, irrational, ludicrous, inane, asinine