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English French To English - ignorante 
[ignorant] adj. ignorant, illiterate, unaware, nescient; untaught, rude; artless, raw, unenlightened
English Italian To English - ignorante 
adj. ignorant, ill-informed, uneducated, illiterate; impolite, rude
English Portuguese To English - ignorante 
n. ignoramus, nescient; aberrance; dunce; know-nothing
English Spanish To English - ignorante 
adj. ignorant, nescient, benighted; dark
French Dutch To French - ignorante 
(gedrag - vrouw) ignare (f); ignorante (f); âne bâté
German French To German - ignorante 
n. nichtswisserin
German Italian To German - ignorante 
n. nichtswisserin, ungebildet: ungebildeter mensch, nichtswisser, ignorant, barbar
adj. unwissend, unkundig, hinterwäldlerisch, ignorant
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - ignorante 
n. 糊涂人 (hu2 tu2 ren2)
adj. 無知 (wu2 zhı1), 瞎頭子 (xıa1 tou2 zı5), 侗 (tong2), 蒙昧的 (meng2 meı4 de5)
German Spanish To German - ignorante 
n. ignorant, nichtswisser, dummkopf
a. unwissend, unkundig, dumm
Korean Spanish To Korean - ignorante 
n. 무지한 사람, 아는 체하는 바보
adj. 무지한, 무식한
Russian Spanish To Russian - ignorante 
n. профан,
adj. невежественный, необразованный


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