Definitions and translations for "imagine"

Definition of imagine

1. To form a mental image of something; to envision or create something in one's mind.
Try to imagine a pink elephant.
2. To believe in something created by one's own mind.
She imagined that the man wanted to kill her.
3. To assume.
I imagine that he will need to rest after such a long flight.
4. To conjecture or guess.
I cannot even imagine what you are up to!
The board imagines the merger will increase profits by 25%
5. To use one's imagination.
Imagine that we were siblings.
6. To contrive in purpose; to scheme; to devise.
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English - English - imagine

v. create a mental image which does not literally exist, fantasize, visualize; think, suppose, assume; guess
v. imagine, make believe, think, dream up; conceive, image, suppose; devise, reckon
adj. conceived, imagined, visualized

English - Spanish - imagine

v. imaginar, concebir, figurarse, hacerse cuenta, idear, imaginarse, pensar, representarse, visualizar; suponerse

Spanish - English - imagine

[imaginar] v. imagine, create a mental image which does not literally exist, fantasize, visualize; think, suppose, assume; guess; suspect

English - French - imagine

v. imaginer, s'imaginer, se figurer

English - German - imagine

v. sich vorstellen; erdenken; erfinden

English - Indonesian - imagine

v. membayangkan, mengkhayalkan, mengangan-angankan, berpendapat, menganggap, kira, mereka

English - Italian - imagine

v. immaginare; pensare, supporre; presumere, ritenere; immaginarsi, figurarsi

English - Polish - imagine

v. wyobrażać sobie, pomyśleć, wyobrażać, wymyślać, wyimaginować, przypuszczać, mniemać, fantazjować, roić, uroić sobie, wyobrazić, wymyśleć, wymyślić, przypuścić

English - Portuguese - imagine

v. imaginar; convencer; fantasiar; idear

English - Romanian - imagine

v. imagina: a-şi imagina, imagina, închipui, concepe, gândi, bănui, crede, presupune, idee: şi face o idee, socoti, imaginaţie: a-şi folosi imaginaţia, face presupuneri, emite ipoteze, reprezenta

English - Russian - imagine

г. воображать, представлять себе; предполагать, думать, полагать; догадываться, понимать; вообразить, вызывать в воображении, мнить

English - Turkish - imagine

f. hayal etmek, düşlemek, düşünmek, hayal kurmak, farzetmek, sanmak, kafasında canlandırmak, tasavvur etmek

English - Ukrainian - imagine

v. уявляти собі, думати, здогадуватися, вигадати, вимислити, винайти, марити, міркувати, уявити, уявляти

French - English - imagine

[imaginé] adj. conceived, imagined, visualized

Romanian - English - imagine

n. image, representation, icon, idol, shape, picture, portrait, likeness, frame, idea

English - Dutch - imagine

ww. zich voorstellen, imagineren

English - Greek - imagine

ρήμ. φαντάζομαι

English - Arabic - imagine

‏تخيل، تصور، شبه، ظن، إعتقد، إفترض‏

English - Chinese - imagine

(动) 想像; 猜想, 料想; 臆断; 想像, 猜想

English - Chinese - imagine

(動) 想像; 猜想, 料想; 臆斷; 想像, 猜想

English - Hindi - imagine

v. कल्पना करना, विचारना, मनगढ़ंत करना, अनुमान करना, चित्त में लाना

English - Japanese - imagine

(動) 想像する; 仮定する, 仮想する

English - Korean - imagine

동. 상상하다; 생각하다, 가정하다; 추측하다

English - Vietnamese - imagine

v. nghĩ, nghĩ ra, tưởng tượng, quan niệm, tư tưởng
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Synonyms for imagine
1. understand: assume, suppose, believe, expect, gather
2. think: hypothesise, hypothesize, suppose, picture, conjecture, conceive, assume
Verb forms for imagine
Present participle: imagining
Present: imagine (3.person: imagines)
Past: imagined
Future: will imagine
Present conditional: would imagine
Present Perfect: have imagined (3.person: has imagined)
Past Perfect: had imagined
Future Perfect: will have imagined
Past conditional: would have imagined