Definition of immaculate Pronunciation
1. Having no stain or blemish; spotless, undefiled, clear, pure.
Were but my soul as pure From other guilt as that, Heaven did not hold One more immaculate. — Sir John Denham
Thou sheer, immaculate and silver fountain. — Shakespeare, Richard II, V-iii.
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English - English - immaculate Pronunciation
adj. pure, without stain; free from fault; having one color (Biology)
English - Spanish - immaculate Pronunciation
adj. inmaculado, impecable, impoluto, muy limpio, sin mancilla
English - French - immaculate Pronunciation
adj. immaculé, pur, sans taches; sans erreurs; d'une couleur (biologie)
English - German - immaculate Pronunciation
adj. lauter, rein, makellos; fehlerlos; einfarbig (Biologie)
English - Italian - immaculate Pronunciation
agg. immacolato, perfettamente pulito; incontaminato, puro; senza errori; (Biol) non chiazzato, non macchiato, di un colore uniforme
English - Portuguese - immaculate Pronunciation
adj. imaculado, puro, refinado, sem defeito; sem erros; de uma só cor (em biologia)
English - Russian - immaculate Pronunciation
прил. чистый, незапятнанный, безукоризненный, безупречный
English - Turkish - immaculate Pronunciation
s. saf, masum, tertemiz, lekesiz, kusursuz
English - Dutch - immaculate Pronunciation
bn. onbevlekt; smetteloos; onberispelijk
English - Greek - immaculate Pronunciation
επίθ. άσπιλος, αγνός, άμωμος
English - Chinese - immaculate Pronunciation
(形) 无污点的, 无瑕的, 纯洁的
English - Chinese - immaculate Pronunciation
(形) 無污點的, 無瑕的, 純潔的
English - Japanese - immaculate Pronunciation
(形) 一点の汚れもない; 欠点のない; 純潔な; 単色の(生物学)
English - Korean - immaculate Pronunciation
형. 더럽지 않은, 결점이 없는

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Synonyms for immaculate
1. innocent: sinless, undefiled, impeccable, unsullied, virginal, religious
2. very clean: clean, spotless, unsullied, bright, impeccable, stainless