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English English - Definition of immateriality 
n. quality of being unworldly; something not physical; unimportance, quality of being inconsequential
Spanish English To Spanish - immateriality 
s. inmaterialidad
French English To French - immateriality 
n. immatérialité; caractère incorporel, caractère immatériel
German English To German - immateriality 
n. Unkörperlichkeit, Immaterialität; körperlose Sache
Italian English To Italian - immateriality 
s. irrilevanza; immaterialità, incorporeità
Portuguese English To Portuguese - immateriality 
s. imaterialidade
Russian English To Russian - immateriality 
с. невещественность, несущественность
Turkish English To Turkish - immateriality 
Albanian English To Albanian - immateriality 
n. joekzectencë, parëndësi
Dutch English To Dutch - immateriality 
zn. onstoffelijkheid; onbelangrijkheid
ChineseS English To ChineseS - immateriality 
(名) 非物质性; 无形物
ChineseT English To ChineseT - immateriality 
(名) 非物質性; 無形物
Japanese English To Japanese - immateriality 
(名) 非物質性; 非物質的なもの; 非重要性
Korean English To Korean - immateriality 
명. 비물질성
noun: the quality of not being physical; not consisting of matter
noun: complete irrelevance requiring no further consideration


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