Definition of immaturity Pronunciation
1. Youth; the condition of being immature or not fully grown
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English - English - immaturity Pronunciation
n. lack of experience; unripeness; childishness
English - Spanish - immaturity Pronunciation
s. inmadurez, falta de madurez
English - French - immaturity Pronunciation
n. immaturité, manque de maturité
English - German - immaturity Pronunciation
n. Unreife, Unentwicklung
English - Italian - immaturity Pronunciation
s. immaturità
English - Portuguese - immaturity Pronunciation
s. imaturidade, prematuridade
English - Russian - immaturity Pronunciation
с. незрелость
English - Turkish - immaturity Pronunciation
i. gelişmemişlik, hamlık, toyluk
English - Dutch - immaturity Pronunciation
zn. onvolwassenheid
English - Greek - immaturity Pronunciation
ουσ. άωρο
English - Chinese - immaturity Pronunciation
(名) 未成熟; 未成年
English - Chinese - immaturity Pronunciation
(名) 未成熟; 未成年
English - Japanese - immaturity Pronunciation
(名) 未熟; 子供っぽさ
English - Korean - immaturity Pronunciation
명. 경험부족; 미숙; 유치함, 어린애 다움

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Synonyms for immaturity
lack of wisdom: ignorance, infancy, adolescence, insecurity