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English English - Definition of immeasurable 
adj. cannot be measured; immense, enormous
Spanish English To Spanish - immeasurable 
adj. inmesurable, ilimitable, ilimitado, inapreciable, inmensurable
French English To French - immeasurable 
adj. incommensurable, que l'on ne peut mesuré
German English To German - immeasurable 
adj. unermeßlich; endlos, grenzenlos
Italian English To Italian - immeasurable 
agg. incommensurabile
Portuguese English To Portuguese - immeasurable 
adj. imensurável, que não pode ser medido; infinito, sem limites
Russian English To Russian - immeasurable 
прил. неизмеримый, безмерный, несметный, бесценный
Turkish English To Turkish - immeasurable 
s. ölçülmez, sonsuz, sınırsız
Albanian English To Albanian - immeasurable 
adj. pamatshëm: i pamatshëm, pafund: i pafund
Dutch English To Dutch - immeasurable 
bn. onmetelijk, oneindig
Greek English To Greek - immeasurable 
επίθ. άμετρος, ανυπολόγιστος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - immeasurable 
(形) 不可测量的, 广大无边的, 无限的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - immeasurable 
(形) 不可測量的, 廣大無邊的, 無限的
Japanese English To Japanese - immeasurable 
(形) 無限の; 素晴らしい; 莫大な
Korean English To Korean - immeasurable 
형. 잴 수 없는
adjective: impossible to measure
adjective: beyond calculation or measure Example:Immeasurable wealth.


 Synonyms for immeasurable
limitless: unlimited, infinite, eternal, boundless, endless, indefinite

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