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English English - Definition of impenetrability 
n. incapability of being penetrated or entered; insusceptibility to outside ideas or influences; unfathomability, inscrutability
Spanish English To Spanish - impenetrability 
s. impenetrabilidad, inaccesibilidad
French English To French - impenetrability 
n. impénétrabilité
German English To German - impenetrability 
n. Undurchdringlichkeit, Unfähigkeit durchdrungen zu werden; Unempfindsamkeit äußeren Einflüssen gegenüber
Italian English To Italian - impenetrability 
s. (Fis) impenetrabilità
Portuguese English To Portuguese - impenetrability 
s. impenetrabilidade
Russian English To Russian - impenetrability 
с. непроницаемость, непроходимость
Turkish English To Turkish - impenetrability 
i. girilemezlik, delinememe, anlaşılamama
Albanian English To Albanian - impenetrability 
n. padepërtueshmëri, papërshkueshmëri
Dutch English To Dutch - impenetrability 
zn. ondoordringbaarheid
Greek English To Greek - impenetrability 
ουσ. αδιαπέραστο, αδιαχώρητο
ChineseS English To ChineseS - impenetrability 
(名) 不能通过; 难以探测; 费解; 冥顽不化
ChineseT English To ChineseT - impenetrability 
(名) 不能通過; 難以探測; 費解; 冥頑不化
Japanese English To Japanese - impenetrability 
(名) 不通; 不可入性; 計り知れないこと
Korean English To Korean - impenetrability 
명. 뚫고 들어갈 수 없음
noun: incomprehensibility by virtue of being too dense to understand
noun: resistance to penetration by a liquid


 Synonyms for impenetrability
depth: deepness, profoundness, abstruseness, profundity, obscurity

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