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English English - Definition of importune 
v. pester, harass with insistent demands, persistently beseech
adj. importune, inadvisable, interfering; intrusive, obtrusive; officious, unwelcome
v. importune, bother, disturb, push, molest, pester
Spanish English To Spanish - importune 
v. importunar
French English To French - importune 
v. importuner, ennuyer, harceler, tracasser; embêter; gêner, contraindre
German English To German - importune 
v. sich aufdrängen, belästigen
Italian English To Italian - importune 
v. importunare, chiedere con insistenza a, insistere con; infastidire, molestare, seccare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - importune 
v. importunar
Russian English To Russian - importune 
г. настойчиво домогаться, докучать, надоедать просьбами, выпрашивать, приставать
Turkish English To Turkish - importune 
f. ısrarla istemek, başının etini yemek, sıkboğaz etmek
English French To English - importune 
[importun] adj. importune, inadvisable, interfering; intrusive, obtrusive; officious, unwelcome
English Italian To English - importune 
[importuno] adj. troublesome, intrusive, officious, importunate, meddlesome, obtrusive, pressing, clamorous
English Spanish To English - importune 
[importunar] v. importune, pester, harass with insistent demands, persistently beseech
Albanian English To Albanian - importune 
v. bezdis, qepem, kërkoj me ngut
Dutch English To Dutch - importune 
ww. lastig vallen, herhaaldelijk verzoeken, aandringen
Greek English To Greek - importune 
ρήμ. ζητώ επίμονα, γίνομαι φορτικός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - importune 
(动) 强求, 硬要; 强求, 纠缠
ChineseT English To ChineseT - importune 
(動) 強求, 硬要; 強求, 糾纏
Japanese English To Japanese - importune 
(動) うるさくせがむ; 悩ます
Korean English To Korean - importune 
동. ...에게 끈질기게 조르다, 쥐어짜다
verb: beg persistently and urgently Example:I importune you to help them.


 Synonyms for importune
demand noisily: demand, complain, brawl, remonstrate, protest, clamour
Tenses for importune
Present participle: importuning
Present: importune (3.person: importunes)
Past: importuned
Future: will importune
Present conditional: would importune
Present Perfect: have importuned (3.person: has importuned)
Past Perfect: had importuned
Future Perfect: will have importuned
Past conditional: would have importuned

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