Definition of impromptu Pronunciation
1. Improvised; without prior preparation, planning or rehearsal; extemporaneous; unplanned.
The party began with an impromptu rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.
2. A short musical composition for an informal occasion often with the character of improvisation and usually to be played solo.
3. Any composition, musical or otherwise, that is created on the spot without preparation.
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English - English - impromptu Pronunciation
n. something which is done without preparation, something improvised (i.e. speech or musical performance)
adj. spontaneous, improvised, spur-of-the-moment, done without advance preparation
adv. in an improvised manner, without advance preparation
English - Spanish - impromptu Pronunciation
s. impromptu, improvisación; discurso improvisado
adj. extemporáneo; improvisado
adv. de improviso, de pronto, de súbito
English - French - impromptu Pronunciation
n. impromptu; discours improvisé
adj. impromptu
adv. impromptu; de façon improvisée
English - German - impromptu Pronunciation
n. Impromptu, Improvisation (mus.); Stegreifaufführung
adj. improvisiert, aus dem Stegreif
adv. aus dem Stegreif, improvisiert
English - Italian - impromptu Pronunciation
s. improvvisazione; (Mus) impromptu, improvviso
agg. improvvisato, estemporaneo
avv. estemporaneamente, all'improvviso, senza anticipazione
English - Portuguese - impromptu Pronunciation
s. criação improvisada; discurso improvisado
adj. (composição com caráter) improvisado
adv. impromptu (Mús.- composição com caráter de improviso) )
English - Russian - impromptu Pronunciation
с. экспромт, импровизация
прил. импровизированный
нареч. без подготовки, экспромтом
English - Turkish - impromptu Pronunciation
i. hazırlıksız yapılmış şey, doğaçlama, emproptü
s. hazırlıksız yapılan, doğaçlama
French - English - impromptu Pronunciation
adj. impromptu; extemporaneous, improvised
German - English - impromptu Pronunciation
adv. in an improvised manner, without advance preparation
Dutch - English - impromptu Pronunciation
adv. impromptu, something which is done without preparation, something improvised (i.e. speech or musical performance)
English - Dutch - impromptu Pronunciation
zn. Onvoorbereid; geïmproviseerd
bn. onvoorbereid, geïmproviseerd
bw. geïmproviseerd, voor de vuist
English - Greek - impromptu Pronunciation
ουσ. εκ του πρόχειρου
επίθ. αυτοσχέδιος
French - Spanish - impromptu Pronunciation
(discours) improvisado; impremeditado; impensado; intuitivo
French - German - impromptu Pronunciation
n. impromptu
adj. kurzfristig
French - Italian - impromptu Pronunciation
(discours) estemporaneo; improvvisato; ex tempore
French - Portuguese - impromptu Pronunciation
(discours) de imediato; de improviso; improvisado; despreparado
French - Russian - impromptu Pronunciation
n. экспромт (m)
a. импровизированный
French - Turkish - impromptu Pronunciation
hazırlıksız yapılan, doğaçtan
German - French - impromptu Pronunciation
n. impromptu (m)
German - Italian - impromptu Pronunciation
n. improvviso {mus.} (m)
German - Russian - impromptu Pronunciation
n. экспромт (n)
French - Dutch - impromptu Pronunciation
(discours) onvoorbereid; geïmproviseerd; voor de vuist
English - Chinese - impromptu Pronunciation
(名) 即席演出; 即兴曲
(形) 即席的
(副) 即席
English - Chinese - impromptu Pronunciation
(名) 即席演出; 即興曲
(形) 即席的
(副) 即席
English - Japanese - impromptu Pronunciation
(副) 即席に
(形) 即席の
(名) 即席演説; 即興曲
English - Korean - impromptu Pronunciation
명. 즉석연주
부. 즉석에서
German - Chinese - impromptu Pronunciation
[das] -s ①(法国的)即兴诗,即席诗②[乐]即兴曲,即兴表演

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Synonyms for impromptu
automatic: unconscious, instinctive, uncontrolled, reflex, involuntary