Definition of inane Pronunciation
1. Lacking sense or meaning (often to the point of boredom or annoyance).
This supremely gifted kid told me that in the early elementary grades, the songs sung in music class were so inane that he wanted to skip grades already! Eventually he did, so better late than never.
2. Purposeless; pointless
3. That which is void or empty.
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English - English - inane Pronunciation
n. something which is empty, something which is void
adj. silly, foolish, lacking sense; empty, void
adj. inane, empty, void
English - Spanish - inane Pronunciation
s. inanidad, vacuidad, futilidad
adj. absurdo, disparatado, fatuo, fútil, inane, inútil, sin pies ni cabeza, sin sentido, vano, zonzo
Spanish - English - inane Pronunciation
adj. inane, silly, foolish, lacking sense; empty, void
English - French - inane Pronunciation
n. vide
adj. inepte; stupide; vain
English - German - inane Pronunciation
n. nichtig, leer, fade, geistlos
adj. töricht, dumm; sinnlos; hohl
English - Italian - inane Pronunciation
s. vuoto
agg. sciocco, stupido, insensato; vuoto, vacuo
English - Portuguese - inane Pronunciation
s. espaço, qualidade de vazio, vácuo
adj. idiota; inútil; vazio, oco; inane
English - Russian - inane Pronunciation
прил. глупый, пустой, бессмысленный, бессодержательный
English - Turkish - inane Pronunciation
s. anlamsız, boş, beyhude, saçma, aptal
Italian - English - inane Pronunciation
adj. inane, empty, void
Portuguese - English - inane Pronunciation
(f) adj. inane, foolish; empty, void
English - Dutch - inane Pronunciation
zn. Leeg, inhoudloos
bn. leeg, zinloos; idioot
English - Greek - inane Pronunciation
ουσ. μάταιος
επίθ. ανόητος, άσκοπος, κενός
Spanish - French - inane Pronunciation
(comentario) inepte; stupide
Spanish - German - inane Pronunciation
a. leer, gehaltlos, wesenlos
English - Chinese - inane Pronunciation
(形) 空虚的, 空洞的, 愚蠢的
English - Chinese - inane Pronunciation
(形) 空虛的, 空洞的, 愚蠢的
English - Japanese - inane Pronunciation
(名) うつろなもの, 空虚; 無限の空間
(形) 空虚な; ばかげた
English - Korean - inane Pronunciation
형. 어리석은; 빈, 텅빈

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Synonyms for inane
foolish: absurd, inept, ridiculous, stupid, dumb, pointless