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English English - Definition of inarticulate 
adj. unclear, indistinct; not understandable, incomprehensible; unable to express oneself in words; speechless (with rage or surprise); not spoken or expressed; not jointed (Anatomy, Zoology)
Spanish English To Spanish - inarticulate 
adj. inarticulado, desarticulado, inconexo
French English To French - inarticulate 
adj. inarticulé (son); peu clair; bégayé, prononcé contrairement aux règles; inarticulé (dépourvu de membres)
German English To German - inarticulate 
adj. undeutlich, unverständlich; unartikuliert, nicht fähig sich in Worte auszudrücken; sprachlos (aus Wut oder Überraschung); nicht ausgesprochen; nicht durch Gelenke verbunden (Anatomie, Zoologie)
Italian English To Italian - inarticulate 
agg. inarticolato, indistinto; incapace d'esprimersi; muto; incapace di esprimersi chiaramente, che balbetta; inespresso, tacito; (Zool) degli inarticolati; privo di segmenti
Portuguese English To Portuguese - inarticulate 
adj. incapaz de expressar-se; inarticulado; não evidente; duvidoso; sem articulações (na zoologia e etc...)
Russian English To Russian - inarticulate 
прил. нечленораздельный, невнятный, молчаливый, немой, несочлененный
Turkish English To Turkish - inarticulate 
s. anlaşılmaz, konuşma özürlü, derdini anlatamayan, konuşamaz, dilsiz, eklemsiz
Albanian English To Albanian - inarticulate 
adj. paqartë: i paqartë, artikulacion: pa artikulacione, memec, panjyëtuar: i panjyëtuar [anat.]
Dutch English To Dutch - inarticulate 
bn. onduidelijk, zich moeilijk uitdrukkend; sprakeloos; ongeleed (in zoölogie)
Greek English To Greek - inarticulate 
επίθ. άναρθρος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - inarticulate 
(形) 口齿不清的; 不善于表达的; 说话不连贯的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - inarticulate 
(形) 口齒不清的; 不善於表達的; 說話不連貫的
Japanese English To Japanese - inarticulate 
(形) はっきりしない; 理解できない; はっきり言えない; ことばにならない(怒りや驚きで); 話されないまたは表現されない; 関節のない(解剖学, 動物学)
Korean English To Korean - inarticulate 
형. 분명치 않은; 이해할 수 없는; 자신을 분명하게 표현할 수 없는; 말해지거나 표현되지 않은; 연결되지 않은 (해부학, 동물학)
adjective: without or deprived of the use of speech or words Example:Inarticulate beasts.


 Synonyms for inarticulate
1. unintelligible: incomprehensible, obscure, garbled, inaudible, stammering, vague
2. not good with words: silent, wordless, speechless, mute, tongue-tied, dumb, reticent

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