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English English - Definition of inauspicious 
adj. unfavorable, unlucky
Spanish English To Spanish - inauspicious 
adj. impropicio, adverso, desfavorable, no propicio, poco propicio
French English To French - inauspicious 
adj. impropice, néfaste; qui ne transmet pas de bonnes nouvelles; qui transmet de mauvaises nouvelles
German English To German - inauspicious 
adj. ungünstig, unheilverkündend
Italian English To Italian - inauspicious 
agg. infausto, nefasto, malaugurato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - inauspicious 
adj. de mau agouro
Russian English To Russian - inauspicious 
прил. зловещий, неблагоприятный, предвещающий дурное
Turkish English To Turkish - inauspicious 
s. uğursuz, şanssız, meşum, tâlihsiz, meymenetsiz
Albanian English To Albanian - inauspicious 
adj. mbarë: jo i mbarë, pafat: i pafat
Dutch English To Dutch - inauspicious 
bn. onheilspellend, ongunstig
Greek English To Greek - inauspicious 
επίθ. δυσοίωνος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - inauspicious 
(形) 不吉的, 恶运的, 凶兆的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - inauspicious 
(形) 不吉的, 惡運的, 凶兆的
Japanese English To Japanese - inauspicious 
(形) 不吉な; 不運な
Korean English To Korean - inauspicious 
형. 불길한
adjective: not auspicious; boding ill
adjective: presaging ill-fortune Example:My words with inauspicious thunderings shook heaven- P. B.Shelley.
adjective: contrary to your interests or welfare


 Synonyms for inauspicious
adverse: unfavourable, unlucky, detrimental, unpropitious, negative, disastrous, catastrophic

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