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English English - Definition of incandesce 
v. glow with heat, glow; cause to glow
v. glow, incandesce
Spanish English To Spanish - incandesce 
v. resplandecer, emitir luz intensa
French English To French - incandesce 
v. enflammer, brûler, embraser; briller, resplendir
German English To German - incandesce 
v. klären, lodern; glühen, scheinen
Italian English To Italian - incandesce 
v. diventare incandescente
Portuguese English To Portuguese - incandesce 
v. incandescer
Russian English To Russian - incandesce 
г. накалять добела, накаляться добела
Albanian English To Albanian - incandesce 
v. skuq
Dutch English To Dutch - incandesce 
ww. witheet gloeien; gloeien
Greek English To Greek - incandesce 
ρήμ. πυρακτώ, φλέγομαι
Japanese English To Japanese - incandesce 
(動) 白熱する; 白熱させる
Korean English To Korean - incandesce 
동. 백열하다, 백열시키다


Tenses for incandesce
Present participle: incandescing
Present: incandesce (3.person: incandesces)
Past: incandesced
Future: will incandesce
Present conditional: would incandesce
Present Perfect: have incandesced (3.person: has incandesced)
Past Perfect: had incandesced
Future Perfect: will have incandesced
Past conditional: would have incandesced

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