Definition of incense Pronunciation
1. A perfume used in the rites of various religions.
2. To anger or infuriate.
I think it would incense him to learn the truth.
3. To incite, stimulate.
4. To offer incense to.
5. To perfume with, or as with, incense.
6. To set on fire; to inflame; to kindle; to burn.
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English - English - incense Pronunciation
n. substance which gives of a sweet smell when burned; smoke produced by burning incense; perfume, pleasant smell; praise, flattery
v. burn incense; perfume; anger, enrage, provoke, irritate
v. incense, burn incense; flatter
English - Spanish - incense Pronunciation
s. incienso
v. indignar, embravecer; incensar, perfumar
English - French - incense Pronunciation
n. encens; parfum; arôme; adulation
v. exaspérer, courroucer; parfumer; encenser
English - German - incense Pronunciation
n. Weihrauch; Parfüm, angenehmer Geruch; Schmeichelei
v. entzürnen, verärgern, provozieren; einparfümieren; Weihrauch verbrennen
English - Italian - incense Pronunciation
s. incenso; fumo d'incenso; odore d'incenso; (estens) profumo, aroma; (fig) adulazione
v. profumare con incenso; incensare
English - Portuguese - incense Pronunciation
s. incenso; perfume; aroma; objetos de bajulação
v. incensar, perfumar; enraivecer, inflamar
English - Russian - incense Pronunciation
с. благовоние, курение
г. курить фимиам, кадить, сердить, приводить в ярость
English - Turkish - incense Pronunciation
f. kızdırmak, sinirlendirmek, çileden çıkarmak, tütsü yakmak, tütsülemek, yağlamak, pohpohlamak
i. tütsü, buhur, tütsü kokusu, yağlama, pohpohlama
English - Dutch - incense Pronunciation
zn. wierook; parfum; geur
ww. vertoornen; bewieroken
English - Greek - incense Pronunciation
ουσ. θυμίαμα, λιβάνι
ρήμ. εξοργίζω
English - Chinese - incense Pronunciation
(名) 香; 香味, 香气; 焚香时的烟; 尊敬
(动) 激怒, 使愤怒; 对...焚香; 用香薰; 向...敬香
English - Chinese - incense Pronunciation
(名) 香; 香味, 香氣; 焚香時的煙; 尊敬
(動) 激怒, 使憤怒; 對...焚香; 用香薰; 向...敬香
English - Japanese - incense Pronunciation
(名) 香; 香煙; 香水; 芳香; 誉めること
(動) 香を燃やす; 匂う; ひどく怒らせる
English - Korean - incense Pronunciation
명. 향, 탈때 달콤한 냄새를 뿜어내는 물질; 칭찬
동. ...에 향을 피우다, 화나게 하다, 몹시 화나게 하다

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Synonyms for incense
1. anger: enrage, infuriate, exasperate, madden, excite, inflame, irritate
2. scent: fragrance, aroma, bouquet, perfume
Verb forms for incense
Present participle: incensing
Present: incense (3.person: incenses)
Past: incensed
Future: will incense
Present conditional: would incense
Present Perfect: have incensed (3.person: has incensed)
Past Perfect: had incensed
Future Perfect: will have incensed
Past conditional: would have incensed