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English English - Definition of incense 
n. substance which gives of a sweet smell when burned; smoke produced by burning incense; perfume, pleasant smell; praise, flattery
v. burn incense; perfume; anger, enrage, provoke, irritate
v. incense, burn incense; flatter
Spanish English To Spanish - incense 
s. incienso
v. indignar, embravecer; incensar, perfumar
French English To French - incense 
n. encens; parfum; arôme; adulation
v. exaspérer, courroucer; parfumer; encenser
German English To German - incense 
n. Weihrauch; Parfüm, angenehmer Geruch; Schmeichelei
v. entzürnen, verärgern, provozieren; einparfümieren; Weihrauch verbrennen
Italian English To Italian - incense 
s. incenso; fumo d'incenso; odore d'incenso; (estens) profumo, aroma; (fig) adulazione
v. profumare con incenso; incensare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - incense 
s. incenso; perfume; aroma; objetos de bajulação
v. incensar, perfumar; enraivecer, inflamar
Russian English To Russian - incense 
с. благовоние, курение
г. курить фимиам, кадить, сердить, приводить в ярость
Turkish English To Turkish - incense 
f. kızdırmak, sinirlendirmek, çileden çıkarmak, tütsü yakmak, tütsülemek, yağlamak, pohpohlamak
i. tütsü, buhur, tütsü kokusu, yağlama, pohpohlama
Albanian English To Albanian - incense 
n. thimjam [fet.], temjan, aromë
v. zemëroj
Dutch English To Dutch - incense 
zn. wierook; parfum; geur
ww. vertoornen; bewieroken
Greek English To Greek - incense 
ουσ. θυμίαμα, λιβάνι
ρήμ. εξοργίζω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - incense 
(名) 香; 香味, 香气; 焚香时的烟; 尊敬
(动) 激怒, 使愤怒; 对...焚香; 用香薰; 向...敬香
ChineseT English To ChineseT - incense 
(名) 香; 香味, 香氣; 焚香時的煙; 尊敬
(動) 激怒, 使憤怒; 對...焚香; 用香薰; 向...敬香
Japanese English To Japanese - incense 
(名) 香; 香煙; 香水; 芳香; 誉めること
(動) 香を燃やす; 匂う; ひどく怒らせる
Korean English To Korean - incense 
명. 향, 탈때 달콤한 냄새를 뿜어내는 물질; 칭찬
동. ...에 향을 피우다, 화나게 하다, 몹시 화나게 하다
noun: the pleasing scent produced when incense is burned Example:Incense filled the room.
noun: a substance that produces a fragrant odor when burned
verb: perfume especially with a censer
verb: make furious


 Synonyms for incense
1. anger: enrage, infuriate, exasperate, madden, excite, inflame, irritate
2. scent: fragrance, aroma, bouquet, perfume
Tenses for incense
Present participle: incensing
Present: incense (3.person: incenses)
Past: incensed
Future: will incense
Present conditional: would incense
Present Perfect: have incensed (3.person: has incensed)
Past Perfect: had incensed
Future Perfect: will have incensed
Past conditional: would have incensed

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