Definition of incompetence Pronunciation
1. Inability to perform; lack of competence; ineptitude.
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English - English - incompetence Pronunciation
n. lack of ability; inadequacy; inability to act with legal effectiveness (Law)
n. incompetence, incapability, incapacity; ineptitude, inefficiency
English - Spanish - incompetence Pronunciation
s. incompetencia, ineptitud, inutilidad, nulidad
English - French - incompetence Pronunciation
n. incompétence; incapacité; inaptitude
English - German - incompetence Pronunciation
n. Unfähigkeit; Untauglichkeit; Unzuständigkeit
English - Italian - incompetence Pronunciation
s. incompetenza, incapacità, inettitudine
English - Portuguese - incompetence Pronunciation
s. incompetência; incapacidade; insuficiência (em direito, insuficiência de provas)
English - Russian - incompetence Pronunciation
с. некомпетентность, неспособность, недостаточность, неправоспособность
English - Turkish - incompetence Pronunciation
i. yetersizlik, ehliyetsizlik, yetkisizlik, beceriksizlik, eksiklik
English - Dutch - incompetence Pronunciation
zn. incompetentie, onbekwaamheid
English - Greek - incompetence Pronunciation
ουσ. ανικανότητα, αναρμοδιότητα
English - Chinese - incompetence Pronunciation
(名) 无能力; 不适当; 无资格
English - Chinese - incompetence Pronunciation
(名) 無能力; 不適當; 無資格
English - Japanese - incompetence Pronunciation
(名) 無能, 無力; 不十分; 無資格(法律)
English - Korean - incompetence Pronunciation
명. 무능력; 부적절함; 법적효과의 불능(법률)

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Synonyms for incompetence
inadequacy: ignorance, inability, ineptitude, inexperience, incapacity, worthlessness