Definition of indefinite Pronunciation
1. Vague or not clearly defined or stated.
Amorphous blots of color having vague and indefinite edges.
He would not answer so indefinite a proposal.
2. Not decided or not known.
Were indefinite about their plans.
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English - English - indefinite Pronunciation
adj. unclear, vague, indistinct; having no set limits; undefined; of a word or phrase which does not specifically define the word to which it refers (Grammar)
adj. indefinite, undefined
English - Spanish - indefinite Pronunciation
adj. indefinido, ambiguo, impreciso, indeterminado, no definido, no especificado
English - French - indefinite Pronunciation
adj. indéfini; vague; indéfini (grammaire); indéterminé; illimité
English - German - indefinite Pronunciation
adj. unklar; unbestimmt (Grammatik); unbegrenzt
English - Indonesian - indefinite Pronunciation
a. tentu: tdk tentu, tetap: tdk tetap, pasti: tdk pasti, risau, terbatas: tak terbatas
English - Italian - indefinite Pronunciation
agg. indefinito, indeterminato; vago, impreciso
English - Polish - indefinite Pronunciation
a. nieokreślony, nieograniczony
English - Portuguese - indefinite Pronunciation
adj. indefinido, não claro; que não é definido (gramática-indefinido); não específico
English - Romanian - indefinite Pronunciation
a. nedefinit, nedeterminat, nehotărât, vag, nedesluşit, nelimitat
English - Russian - indefinite Pronunciation
прил. неопределенный, неясный, неограниченный
English - Turkish - indefinite Pronunciation
s. belirsiz, kesin olmayan, süresiz, sayısız, sonsuz, belgisiz
English - Ukrainian - indefinite Pronunciation
a. непевний, необмежений, невизначений, неозначений, неокреслений
English - Dutch - indefinite Pronunciation
bn. onduidelijk; niet gedefinieerd; onbepaald (gramatikaal); onbepaald
English - Greek - indefinite Pronunciation
ουσ. αόριστος
English - Arabic - indefinite Pronunciation
‏الشيء المبهم‏
‏مجهول، غامض، غير محدود، غير محدد، غير واضح‏
English - Chinese - indefinite Pronunciation
(形) 模糊的, 无限的, 不确定的
English - Chinese - indefinite Pronunciation
(形) 模糊的, 無限的, 不確定的
English - Hindi - indefinite Pronunciation
a. अनिश्‍िचत, सीमारहित
English - Japanese - indefinite Pronunciation
(形) 不明確な; 制限の設定されていない; 不確定の; 不定の(文法)
English - Korean - indefinite Pronunciation
형. 명확하지 않은, 흐릿한; 한정없는, 한계없이; 정의 되지 않은; 한정되지 않은 ( 문법)
English - Vietnamese - indefinite Pronunciation
a. ý kiến không rỏ, lời hứa mập mờ, vô định

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